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Mental Health in Sri Lanka

Sri-Lanka-studentThis study is an accumulation of the ethnographic and observational research garnered over the last year by the author (Jennifer Vorel) who lived in Sri Lanka for about a month and a half, working for Sri Lanka Volunteers’ 5- week Mental Health Placement. Continue reading

Factors influencing health behaviors in those at risk for developing schizophrenia

schizophreniaIndividuals with schizophrenia have a greater risk for developing several chronic health conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes (Castillo-Sanchez et al., 2015) and metabolic syndrome (Bly et al., 2014). Problematic lifestyle behaviors appear to be directly linked to these chronic health conditions among those with schizophrenia (Saha et al., 2007). Obesity is another health concern among individuals with schizophrenia having a 45-55% greater chance of becoming obese (De Hert et al., 2009). Continue reading

Foods Becoming Drugs with Knowledge

obesityRecent health news about dietary practices and food equate ‘healthy’ with ‘natural’ and ‘technologymediated’ with ‘risk’: such narrative connections are made particularly often in the ongoing controversy over Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) and foods considered as “organic.” Continue reading

Mental, moral and psychological health

Mental healthAnnotation: The article examines the components of the moral and mental health and their manifestations and importance for man and society.

Health is an important human need, which determines its ability to productive work and normal life, provides a comprehensive personal development. Health provides opportunities to learn the world, found in its own place, be happy. Continue reading