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Why do people choose to be homeless and do they for real?

homelessnessSo, we all basically agree that homelessness is an issue. And it is worldwide. But personally I do rarely think about it. And I’m sure that few of my peers think about that on a daily basis. And during my research for this article I figured that homelessness is real problem that we should think about, because this can happen to literally anyone. Continue reading

Traditions and discursive legitimation of moral norms

etiikkaEverybody knows that moral norms and laws regulate relations between society and man and relations between people. Actually moral appears as reflection of subjective morality, as inside personality moral. And moral is just an accumulation of historical standards, certain rules that are generally regulate behavior, relations in society. Moral – is a thing with a cultural beginning that is Continue reading

Norm as an element of moral consciousness

etiikkaAnnotation: we examined the question of morality; it is an element in life and humanity in general. And also present morality in the literary world and scientists.

Our lives are making out of different sounds which create our mood. It’s like an orchestra. We are part of this creation. Who is the conductor? For me, it’s moral Continue reading

Analysis of moral norms in works Sigmund Freud and neofreydizm

Sigmund FreudBefore analyzing the works of Sigmund Freud, we must define what moral and ethical standards. Ethics is the science of morality. Morality … what is it? So morality – a certain attitude, norms of behavior in society that people should follow best and friendly coexistence with other people and the outside world. Moral norms, in turn, it is rules, rules, then people behave well towards others. Some overlap with the Continue reading