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The purity of intentions: Science, Art & Ethics

Art and EthicsScience, Art and Ethics are three whales that support the integrity of the contemporary world, which is characterized by the expansion of the reality, by the expansion of consciousness and the expansion of the semantic boundaries of reality. Perhaps during the late Middle Ages, Science was inextricably linked with Art (alchemy books, for example). Continue reading

Some issues of Ukrainian education

UAsinceAbstract. The issue is devoted to the topical problems in the formation of processes in science and education. It is very important for each state to do all possible for its development and do some trials to make this world better for our existence and evolution. Here are shown good ranges of ambushes for right development of science and education among Ukraine. Continue reading

Financial support of scientific activity in Ukraine

scienceModern history details the development of human civilization and human culture, shows us how people have gone evolution from cavemen to modern. As technology evolved, from the invention of the wheel – to travel in space. This path would have been impossible without the human desire to grow, develop. Without the desire to know the unknown, to expand knowledge create a unique and unprecedented and still no one had seen. It is this desire to the unknown person has formed a specific form of human activity, which is now called science. Continue reading