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Reintegration Into One Cultural Space After The Division Of The Country. Vietnam’s Experience

National Identity in UkraineUkraine has faced an important issue of restoring territorial integrity. In case of a positive resolution of issues in foreign and domestic political spheres a humanitarian issue will also arise- the rapprochement and integration into one cultural space of various Ukrainian territories, including Donbas and Crimea.

Our country, after gaining independence, Continue reading

The Concept of National Identity in Ukraine

National Identity in UkraineIn the National Security Strategy of Ukraine states that urgent tasks of national security policy is the preservation and development of spiritual and cultural values of Ukrainian society, strengthening its identity on the basis of ethnic and cultural diversity. This focuses on implementation set of policy measures aimed at consolidation of Ukrainian society and the search for national consensus on key issues of national development [1]. Continue reading

Financial support of scientific activity in Ukraine

scienceModern history details the development of human civilization and human culture, shows us how people have gone evolution from cavemen to modern. As technology evolved, from the invention of the wheel – to travel in space. This path would have been impossible without the human desire to grow, develop. Without the desire to know the unknown, to expand knowledge create a unique and unprecedented and still no one had seen. It is this desire to the unknown person has formed a specific form of human activity, which is now called science. Continue reading

Ukrainian and World Fashion: common and different

ua-fashionAt first, I want to sort out, what is this “the fashion” and why everybody seek to be in fashion.

The fashion is no joke, it must be everywhere and for everyone, to show individuality of every person and accentuate merits. Continue reading

Moral aspect of separatism in Ukraine

separatismThe notion of separatism can be interpreted in different ways, however, no country is impervious to it, and Ukraine hasn’t been left untouched either. For several years we have already been able to observe the manifests of separatism in our country, which determines its territorial and morale dissolution, but one way or another, in the view of rise of such a global problem, it is important, despite of the contradictions Continue reading