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Reintegration Into One Cultural Space After The Division Of The Country. Vietnam’s Experience

National Identity in UkraineUkraine has faced an important issue of restoring territorial integrity. In case of a positive resolution of issues in foreign and domestic political spheres a humanitarian issue will also arise- the rapprochement and integration into one cultural space of various Ukrainian territories, including Donbas and Crimea.

Our country, after gaining independence, Continue reading

Vietnam War Memories and the Vietnam-American reconciliation process

vietnam-war1Memory refers to recollection of personal past experiences. However, memory works forward as well as backward; the past is shaped by the future as much as the future us shaped by the past. The politics of memory reflects that. The struggles in post-war Vietnamese society over the losses and trauma of the war can consider another war-and-reconstruct process. My paper seeks to explore the connotation of memory and Continue reading