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University ethics 2018

studentThe concept of “university ethics” is connected with notions – professional ethics, academic ethics, university culture, corporate ethics, etc., but not the same thing.

University ethics and academic ethics are both private and general concepts of academic ethos. The subject field of university ethics is the principles of the development of knowledge, norms, values in the university. The place of the university in society is changing today. Continue reading

Applied analysis of a university structure

univerModern universities operate in challenging conditions of competition. University administration has to decide in accordance with the changes occurring in the environment. Using the strategic management allow to leadership of the university to transfer it to another qualitative state. There are many different frameworks and methodologies of strategic planning for successful university’s development. Continue reading

Some issues of Ukrainian education

UAsinceAbstract. The issue is devoted to the topical problems in the formation of processes in science and education. It is very important for each state to do all possible for its development and do some trials to make this world better for our existence and evolution. Here are shown good ranges of ambushes for right development of science and education among Ukraine. Continue reading