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Conservative revolution ethics

ethics-KConservative Revolution” is community of the thinkers who have approved a new ethic and political position. Representatives of this movement see necessity of new gestalt dominance, namely, gestalt of Worker (Arbeiter). “Worker” is not conduct of life, it is style: total gestalt.

The “whole” before had been thought in Continue reading

Ethical aspects of communism

communismIn modern society, the time when humanity begins to rule technique, the essence of the moral factor in life is beginning to fade and almost disappear altogether. However, the importance of the relationship between people becomes the power of public opinion. The relationship and mutual respect between people carried out in certain social situations, social and public Continue reading

Ethical, philosophical teachings of Ivan Vyshensky

ivan_vishenskijA talented patriot preacher, the fame of which was spread on the lands of Ukraine. Master analogy, winner of the literary style and imagery, emotion and marked impulsivity. The speaker, whose enthusiasm combined with skepticism and irony. The figure, which is fraught inspiration “true prophet”. It’s not all great ascetic merit our history John Vyshensky.

Uncompromising Vishensky was firmly convinced that only the Orthodox faith will save Ukraine, and all the newfound European science and the theory of “demonic a dream.” Can we agree with this opinion patriotic man who was perhaps blinded by patriotic aim too high? Continue reading