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Philosophy as a methodological basis of education in Ukraine

PhilosSociety can survive and develop only under conditions of adequate responses to the challenges of the social environment. The main characteristic of modern society is the rapid changes of ideas, information dissemination and accumulation of new knowledge.

These processes have spread around the world primarily due to intensive development Continue reading

Moral luck and military education

etiikkaIn this paper I argue that military ethics education serves, will serve and should be understood, designed
and provided as a minimum standard to prevent soldiers from committing morally impermissible and horrendous acts in combat situations. Continue reading

Where to invest money and time: in education or in some simple job?

moneyThis article discusses issues related to the settlement by investment funds, the importance of education for a successful life and inappropriate investing in some simple and easy job. It was analyzed data about the relationship of education and economy in the world, and data about the most and least prestigious professions in Ukraine. In the article was determined the advantages of Continue reading