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A woman in Russia: transformation of standards, values and ideals

RussiaWomanRevolutionary events of 1917 left no sphere of life in Russia unaffected and played a crucial role in altering the status of a woman in a newborn state. Gender standards existed in Russian imperialistic society became irrelevant what lead to an establishment of a new value system. After the revolution, men and women were equated in civil rights by law.

Even though the new rules were not always abided in practice, they definitely led to significant changes in societal attitudes towards women. From this moment on, they would be perceived as fully-fledged builders of communism. Continue reading

Modern successful woman

girlModern successful woman. What of her? For some reason, first of all, that asks for an idea, it is a woman, that has good job, high position, career advancement. But if we miss this first association and think, the specification of the image appears blurred and, above all, happy woman. And makes us happy all around. And especially – self-realization. This is not necessarily career. Some women find themselves in motherhood, where the family – is a world of happiness and joy. Give your love, care, Continue reading