Modern successful woman

girlModern successful woman. What of her? For some reason, first of all, that asks for an idea, it is a woman, that has good job, high position, career advancement. But if we miss this first association and think, the specification of the image appears blurred and, above all, happy woman. And makes us happy all around. And especially – self-realization. This is not necessarily career. Some women find themselves in motherhood, where the family – is a world of happiness and joy. Give your love, care, tenderness and kindness – the highest benefit for many of the fair sex. However, for some women, a world close and they are expanding their horizons. And here one finds a lesson in soul: charity, own business, work.

Anything which can be applied to hands, soul and mind can be fun and make women happy.

Today on television and in the press we can see the enormous amount of successful women life of that many does not abandon indifferent. First, as an example of successful woman, I would describe success Masha Efrosinina or Katherine Osadcha. These creative Ukrainian successfully combine a successful career with family engaged in charity and look great. Very good examples of successful modern woman. This public people and their life history and success of all known or are freely available to interested. So I decided to describe a woman, not so famous but no less successful – my mother.

Perfectly combining the leading position of family life, always full of strength and energy, it inspires and affects not only me, but many of our friends. Wonderful hostess, loving wife, good mother, intelligent leader and a wise woman – she is my role model since childhood. Having the same time of 24 hours, it just makes it so much to do that every time I wonder and wonder about the possible existence of secret sources miraculous power and energy. Banquet fifty people – no problem. Reporting Conference – always ready. Make repairs in house – easy. And she loves flowers! The very engaged in landscape design and plants a dozen roses, making a blooming garden oasis. For my mom’s problems exist. There are situations in which decision need to put more or less effort. At work – it prudent manager, subordinate to which more than a hundred employees. Each approach is, always has the answer to the question.

Much time provides labor discipline, training and professional development of employees. Being the smallest of the three children in the family, older brother and sister now regularly turn to it for advice, approvals and simply long for spiritual conversation. Family for my mom at all holy. Family ties have always respected, supported and developed. Christmas, Easter, birthdays – holidays, when our big family going for a festive table and tasty dinner together with interesting stories and songs very loud comfortably spend time. But our family is not only a celebration and festivities, we also perform different work together.

For example, if you want to plant spring vegetables, then come to work children and adults. So fast and fun, and the result is a success. For me and my sister, she is a good friend, who always listens, gives good advice, which can be fun. And so, not only for us, many people seek help and get it. Sincerity, courtesy, integrity – qualities that are inherent in a genuine woman. So my mother always says. And I believe her, because she is demonstrating by example. My mother – a successful woman who fascinates, inspires and makes the world a little better.

I believe that among us there are many examples of successful women: granny, mother, sister, friend. We all reach heights perform discovery, building brick by brick not only our life and destiny of others, their example making a significant contribution to the development of character and form beliefs of many people. Women every morning, waking up, a new day filled with beauty and energy, tenderness and care, love and affection. Women from day to day bloom and give the world a dizzying aromas happiness and comfort. Doing weakness his strength, women inspire men to great things, enthusiasm, achievement, victory, success, serving them support and inspiration. Women give life to the world, give the human race. After motherhood each woman knows the world, and the world knows the woman gives her happiness to be loved wife and mother.

Success can’t calculate a percentage, proportion or make some formula. I think that any success can be considered absolute. You need only to find the place, to determine that bring pleasure and go in this direction. Of course, to achieve the goal you need to put a lot of effort in some cases, to sacrifice something, but if the process will bring pleasure, as emotions will result? Lots! It can be absolute happiness, absolute success. And this does not have to be world famous fashion designer, singer or actress. Simply to be happy.

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