Forex and it’s immoral implication

foreksForex is an organization, which is dealing with foreign currency exchange it is so called interbank foreign exchange market. Currency trading is called Forex in the world. In Ukraine Forex is used in a narrower range. It means a risky purchase or exchange of currency only with a help of banks which are cooperating with public agencies for their own money with using customer loans or centers that’s means a commission of speculation financial manipulation which gives in borrow like a credit of defined sun of money.

Forex isn’t exchange. It represents an informal net of finance collaborations with exchange participants from all over the world.

The are some manipulation with currency in Forex like this:
– trade and investments;
– a risky purchasing and selling;
– hedging;
– regulating.

Forex is divided in several parts:
1. A decree of currency is materialized only realizing manipulations;
2. A decree of currency passes no longer than 2 days;
3. A decree of this both manipulations foregoing.

Forex appeared in the end of XX century in our state. This period coincided with the statement of tree trade relations. First such process not in all. Currency laws prohibited to sign contrast free. Because of this, such us process was real only in the banks, which can manipulate a huge amount of currency without supervision of Nation Bank.

This is why Ukrainians have to learn new about Forex only with a help of dealing centers.
In 2012 it became prohibited to commit purchase and sell cash in order to earn on it difference, it was stablished that such service give only few banks.

Forex claims a lot about advantages of it’s deposits. The liquidity is a ability of asset to transform into currency but with a loss of time than the costs are less, that’s why market and asset are more liquid which is a a fundamental of such market.

Why Forex provides full liquidity?

Furter will demonstrated it in comparison with other markets.

– The number of clients try try to imagine that you are buying or selling house (good, seems, have wide popularity). What quality of buyers with whom you can make a deal you know at this moment? Maybe no one. And what quality of buyers are counted at persons who have Financial relations with bank in few seconds.

– A providing of advertising of goods.

During selling the house there is a necessity to invest money into advertising. If you are selling money for another money in Forex you have to submit an application into a flow, which will make it visible to all trades.
The information transfer on such speed will minimize losses.

– The simplicity in conclusion of agreements.

The contract about buying selling is signing in few seconds in Forex, because agreement of payment is the agreement of value and some other conditions.

– Amount of manipulations and competition. Forex belongs to markets in which no one member competition, in which mo one of members except monetary power haven it go much influence on price. According to the estimates amounts on the currency interbank is higher than whole European and American market together. Forex is s biggest market.

– Time of purchase and a day, so it’s available all the time in comparison with a stock exchange who works only by a schedule which is not always match with a time some.

– Expense on purchase and sale. Forex has low expense on purchase and sale; which make it very acceptable in trade and differ it among other markets. At the first sight Forex is a real good chance to earn money, without any physical efforts.

People who know about Forex at first time think that it worth to try.  As it seems quality easy. One should make a currency deposit, and than Forex will make all rest. It is prohibited by law for ordinary people in Ukraine. But most of you agree that it isn’t negative for Ukrainians.

Forex market has two aspects: positive and negative.  According positive aspects it is was mentioned above. Is there immoral part? I guess that everyone should decide it by itself it is moral or no.

There are lots of companies websites who gives Forex services and it is easily to observe that amount of such market is really truth. The foreign exchange market is Interbank Market, in which all operations are carried out very actively. Big banks and governments are active persons.

Also there is one another member is like common person. It is ridiculous to compare trader in London to whom all information is clear and accessible a with ordinary person who decided to became a millionaire with 400 hundred dollars.

In western counties were performed by Forex in last century. Smaller companies invited have customers to whom promised high earnings on currency market in which person with a small capital had an opportunity to buy lot of different currencies an later resell it for a much higher price.

They were obsessively explaining such menaces and gave a paper about riskiness for signature. And there was a process.

Later were discovered and founded trust management of currency.

Person could bring a several tens of thousands of conventional units and give it management to “experts”. A month later investor was showed a fake paper-document.

In which was told that his account has doubled. Person could bring another big sum of money inspired with happiness. Later client was told that his money were gone or just froze up. And in order extra sum of money. After some time people was showed a fake reports that affairs go better. Everything repeated such stories are existing about emergence of Forex. Is it time or false everyone should decide by itself.

So Forex is an untruth for those people who can’t earn money on it. One can’t teach how to do it only because of thinking about cheapjack. They earn on Forex only with a help of their mindsets. Also one should invest into quality training at the at the first steps. Without good awareness there is no reason to be involved there. Not everyone is fated to be a trader.

It is not necessary to believe all the negativity in networks about traders who earn unreal money. One who really earns a lot will never shows his income for everyone to see. All the rest is an attempt to attrack new clients.

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