Sociability, friendship and love as the forms of interpersonal communication

relateCommunication plays very important role in our life . Communication with other people is always needed be eve person; it helps us not to be alone, the process from exchanging information, achieving the life aims. Thanks to them communication realizes properly.

There are different kinds of communication. The main of them are personal and impersonal. Impersonal are used to decide life necessities saving particular formal things. They have some behavioral stereotypes what is typical for our society. The interpersonal communication is one of the most estimablest things for us. Such personal features as sociability, friendship, love require satisfying our need to take care of other people.

Talking about ethics we embrace the impersonal communication, personal ones have a upper level of interpersonal skills. It is used not only in ethics but in also is based on human and tolerant principles.

Love, friendship, sociability connect very closely to us. Are they introducing special feelings of people? Could they be unique for everybody? Why do we give so much regard to them? Nobody knows exactly. We can to check their meanings first.

The sociability shows the similar interest to some things. Socializing with other people we bring up in ourselves respect, communicational skills, sympathy to others, and ability to help, arranging and appreciating the opinion of everybody, consideration peoples’ strong and weak points east. It is a common type of information. Everyone can name most of the people around him companions. We spend almost all our time with them. They help us to achieve some life aims, to satisfy our abilities and needs. Of course, sociability has its advantages and disadvantages. From negative side sociability can be short-lived and profitless. Our companions can be lost after achieving common tasks, disappearing of sympathy or changing life consequences. Sociability can be useful only for one of its members.

People very often act in their own interests ignoring the opinion of others. It is called self-interest. Althoughalmost all of us sometimes are self-interested. We haven’t do nothing to cope with it because of our mentality. Although we ought to eradicate this bad feature. From the positive side, sociability helps us a lot.Everybody of us is asocial creature and it needs attention to hero his personality. Companions can be our classmates at school, group mates at university and so on. Mostly the sociability is constructed on artificially made condition factor of interpersonal communication. It allows us to feel in a group comfortably, develop ourselves.

Much depends on the same group. If it is cohesive, it can give better results to each personin the group.

Sometimes relationship companions can rise into a friendship. Friends are mutual than companions. As a rule, people don’t have so many friends because not every person who you know can be a friend to you. The friendship needs belief to each other. A friend is compared to be like a soul mate. People who don’t have any familiar interests but have the similar views are also called friends.

Friendship connects with love, support a willingness; it is an ability to get a person as they are with negative and positive sides. It is more resistant than sociability because friends don’t demand the retribution for their help. People do for their friends willingly. The change of their life consequences rarely influences on the friendship between people. People choose their friends carefully, but as our experience shows our destiny chose friends to us. A real friend is checked by time and it is really true. Friends have to be honest, always ready to help, to support others; it’s a person who knows almost everything about you, who’s become close to you not thanks to the blood connection but through the soul. A real friend can be nearer to you than our native sisters or brothers.

Also, the soul connection of two people is love. It is something another that friendship it is more intimate. Although it has something familiar with friendship as abidance the main rules, to be honest, faithful ready to self-sacrifice and so on. Love includes the sexual component that makes different it from sociability and friendship. It is only soul connection with your partner but physical too. From the sexual aspect, a person can develop herself differently. He or she wants to express them. Love often is confused with passion.

But these words have different meanings. Love shows us deeper recognition, emotional connection, absolute to give him or her independence, to trust her or him; to belief in her as unique beauty. Love can be as requited and unrequited. When a person loves unrequitedly, it is also happiness to her because he or she has an chance to see other person’s beauty, to feel its deepness. There is anproverb “Love doesn’t change a person it actually pick off the mask from her and shows the natural beauty authenticity”.

So, interpersonal communication plays a very important for us. It is represented in such forms as sociability, friendship, and love. All these forms include in themselves the same aim and can go from one to another. For example, the companions became friends, friends become lovers, and lovers can be also friends. This circle can be infinite. Somebody needs it mere other less. But interpersonal communication creates our personality and ability to connect with the world comfortably.It’s very coolthat nn our life we have the people who can sustain us, value, whom you can trust. A person needs a little to be happy, only native people nearby. As the famous writer said: “If someone be at home…”

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