Books that change the world

bookBooks are a spiritual meal for a man, that assists to development of intellect and character.
Moreover, reading the book captures. Reading – one of the best methods to conduct spare time with a benefit. In the world there are extraordinarily many books that can change our consciousness, there are books that go to us on a benefit and bring pleasure, and there are books that needs to be read think over, and they abandon large track in your life. It is sometimes desirable to read something easy, to take in the world without caring, world without problems. And sometimes on a book I want to think, reflect and take something as an example.

One of books, that produced the large impression on me, it is a 451 Fahrenheit – is a temperature a paper burns at that. Author of book – Ray Bradbury – so exactly described our future, it warning on that nobody displaced attention. It is a future where mankind is the main offense storage and reading books. Montego is a fireman, but they do not extinguish the fire, and create. They undermine people at home, where there are books and burned everything to the background. But his life changes after meeting with Clarissa. This meeting turned all his life.

He realizes, that his life is empty and people that surround him as works do everything on an automat, nothing it is wanted to notice and accept. In their life is just huge TVs, headphones work. Does not it remind todays? An author passed the atmosphere of the future so masterly, if we foresaw it all. In our society books stop to be necessary, they are replaced by television and internet – and it’s sad. This book became the real opening for me. In fact our society approaches the idea of work already. People stop to read books, giving advantage to the social networks: in fact there more “interesting”. Particularly impressed the end that leaves hope for smart people who look to the future, because the book – a small temple of wisdom that make our world more kindly.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde I read in school, but many times reread. In the book refers to the handsome young Dorian Gray, who wishes to remain the same as his portrait, and from that moment for twenty years the action of the novel he retains all its charm of youth, and the portrait hidden in his house reflects his real life, keeping traces of vice and crime. The Picture of Dorian reflects its true nature, an art is the real certificate, it correct mirror of life of hero. Attempt of Dorian in the finale of the novel to destroy the reliably hidden portrait closes him by own death, and work of art can not be destroyed.

His friend Lord Henry guy opens his eyes to his own beauty, its spirit infects the pursuit of pleasure, teaches him to value the youth and live by one day. Stopping of hero is at time, eternal youth is associated with acceding to the devil. Dorian becomes a devil on business, takes sweet one to suicide, conducts double life of society dandy, defames reputations. He becomes the killer of the friend – Basil, because that saw the real face of Dorian, a former good portrait represents the terrible grandfather maimed by vices and crimes now. Too late Dorian start to worry pangs of conscience, he begins to envy all people in that conscience clean and innocent, he considers that a portrait is him by an own conscience and decides to get rid him and to facilitate the heartfelt pangs the same.

He makes a blade at a terrible portrait and dies. On the morning of his workers terrible old man found near a portrait of the beautiful young man. I think the book is very strong and causes to be thoughtful about a great deal. At school I read many books, for a week could read 3 books. “Jane Eyre” I at first saw on television and a film very pleased me, pleased so, that I had decided to find a book and read it. This book striking, life of young girl with a heavy fate, for that moral norms and principles appeared higher love, is described in her. Early lost his parents, his aunt gives her to school – a boarding school. For throughout the year of studies Jane becomes a successful student, and then teacher.

She left the board and arranged governess in a private home. It is in this work she met with Mr. Rochester, in that falls in love in course of time. They are ready to get married, but turns out suddenly, that Rochester is married – his wife crazy, he hides it in the house, no shows and considers himself free. He offers Jane to go with him, take no notice, but it can`t do so – moral standards important for her love, she can`t be with a married man. Here I was crying, because Jane leaves home and wanders around the world.

Suddenly, she met with their cousins and interpret that owns a large inheritance. After it Jane goes back into a house, where worked once, but a fire happened there. Her a former newlywed became blind, and his wife died. Consequently, their love is not threatened. Thus, a novel ends with their wedding, heroes are happy from each other. The novel describes the reflection and emotional anxiety heroines such precision and care in describing allows you believe that all events really were. Roman very pleased me, that I him had reread yet repeatedly and advise all.

Ahead of me a lot of books that you want to read, I believe that the book – are our future, they teach us to think. I do not understand people who say they do not like to read books. How is it possible not to love? These people seem to me empty, because in television, the Internet no soul, stories, and books – is. As Dostoevsky wrote: “Stop reading books – so stop thinking.” And it only beginning. People stop to read books, at what after the will, and degrade accordingly.

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