Ethical and aesthetic traditions and rules Vietnam

VietnamVietnam is ancient and unique country with its data, for us, but no less interesting traditions, unusual and specific cuisine, amazing culture.

Located Country in Southeast Asia, capital of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City, or as it is called Misty Saigon. The city is named after the ruler of Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam – this populous country, because there are people who still do not know writing, mostly women. Culture of this country is very old and very unique. In Vietnam highly developed painting, theater, such as: the theater on the water puppet theater, opera.

Vietnamese can not imagine my life without dancing and singing. Also amazing is the architecture of Vietnam, its churches, which want to watch and watch. Most people preach Taoism, on it each person lives seven lives. At the world it is also necessary material things from local stores you can find a set of things that people need in the afterlife – it could be anything. These kits are made of paper, they must burn, and then it’ll be with her after death.

The Vietnamese are very similar with the Spaniards, are also very fond of bullfighting, but there is no matadors and bulls instead – buffalo. Very hard to find excitement Asian country than Vietnam. This is unusual for us to entertainment such as pork and bihy marathons or bird fights.

Vietnam – poor country, very interesting and unique that people happy to go there. It captures amazing nature. In one of the cities of Vietnam is an interesting hotel as a tree, which come watch in the world. There are many beautiful jungles, mountains and seas which are very dangerous because of rare animals found there.

When the people of this country are welcome, they bow to each other or shake hands with a little bow. They rarely say his name first, they are paying a very important name. With so many names associated beliefs. The Vietnamese love to spend time outdoors, walking with family or friends, learn to dance, or just sing. They themselves are very slow, they had not in a hurry, rarely quarrel, do not speak in high tones, and always remain calm. Danger only on the streets, furious over the flow transport. The most common transportation in this country – a moped. used as a taxi or to transport large luggage. Even women with heels or dresses ride on mopeds.

Interestingly, almost no women sunbathing in the sun,think what the girl whiter skin, the more attractive. And in one of the villages of Vietnam women applied to teeth black lacquer, they think it is incredibly beautiful. Lacquer is made of resin and ashes. But it is not only because of the beauty, some believe that white teeth – is the demons wild animals, so women should not be such teeth.

In many settlements and See Today most parents seek for their children a couple. Marriage is performed rituals and traditions of the country. The main family is man, its all listen and respect. Some women work hard, and when their husbands rest.

Vietnamese are very superstitious, they believe, and always follow the signs. For example, terrible for the inhabitants of this country of the interesting is that in the morning when the street first meet a woman, not a man. For me, this is not rightly already badly Cause you can see how the country’s attitude to women. But the good news is that over time the status of women is changing and looks are modern, but tradition that existed many centuries, it is very difficult to change.

The kitchen in Vietnam, very specific and for us incomprehensible. They enjoy isty Chris, snakes, frogs, crocodiles, some insects. Even alcohol in this country do with snakes, such as snake wine, the Vietnamese believe that if consumed, you will be always healthy and good mood. Also popular is rice wine, which is very useful. But in addition, they can not imagine their existence without rice, it includes almost all the dishes, they find it very useful and tasty. Also very popular various fish.

There are many different exotic fruits such as mango, doriandr, various melons. They are very popular coffee and green tea, coffee drink with ice and very low doses. Interestingly, dopyvaty your tea or coffee flavor is silly, because they always leave a little on the bottom of a cup of liquid. Women wear long dresses in Vietnam with silk underneath the same silk pants, men wear similar, although the coarser fabrics. They find it very convenient and simultaneous elegant wearing this suit as poor and rich.

The poorest people in Vietnam living in so-called floating settlements. There they are born, live their lives and die, so never and not going beyond the floating village. Houses there are very poor, with furniture almost nothing.

Vietnamese real Asians, they are caring attitude to nature and to their culture. They can be insidious and may be open and friendly. Good and bad at the same time, good and bad mixed as well as black and white as a symbol of harmony. There you can discover the unique and unusual world. Having been once in Vietnam, will want to go back there again.

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