Ethics Implementation in the Lawyer’s Professional Life

laewerThis paper is a continuation of the thesis research, which aims at carrying out the formation of a lawyer’s ethical code in Europe to understand such principles of legal activity in Ukraine. Interpretation of the rules of the lawyer’s professional conduct should be aimed at the purpose of legal principle place and the law itself. It can be stated that a lawyer has some specific goals in comparison Continue reading

Animal Ethics: On Peter Singer’s Article “All Animals Are Equal”

Animal EthicsAnimal Ethics is a young and developing field. ‘Since ancient times philosophers have been interested in questions of animal minds, but only beginning around the last quarter of the twentieth century has a significant philosophical literature developed on the ethics of our use of animals. Scholars then began to view the subject matter as needing sustained scholarly attention’ [Tom L. Beauchamp (2011) in: The Oxford Handbook of Animal Ethics Edited by Tom L. Beauchamp and R. G. Frey] Continue reading

The Ethical Principles Uses for Dead Human Bodies

Dead Human BodieThe attitude towards the use of corpses and organs of the dead in medicine and scientific research has seriously changed throughout the history of civilization. In China, autopsy was considered a desecration and was banned. In Greco-Roman medicine, the work with corpses was also banned: neither Hippocrates nor Galen did not dissect a man, but studied animal corpses or sewed up Continue reading

A Scientific Approach to Ethics

ethics-KI think it would be reasonable if normative ethics was developed as a science. The main purpose of this strategy is twofold:

1) to achieve a better progress in development of ethics through moving from extensive unproductive diversity to efficient competition of ideas according to an agreed criteria of scientific method, Continue reading

Professional Activities of a Lawyer

laewerWhen I started work at this easy theme , I read and reviewed a large number of materials, in which noticed a lot of new and interesting about my professional activities and moral consequences of it, for myself. In my opinion, the activities of a lawyer , does not depend only on his occupational knowledge , but also on the moral principles and views of the specialist in general. Continue reading

Big Data Technologies: ethical issues

Big DataBy now, modern society seems to have become accustomed to the fact that we live in the reality of an ongoing information revolution. Leading countries of this revolution developed the basic rules of the game: concerning the protection, storage, use of digital information. Continue reading

Between Ontology and Ethics (abstracts)

ethics-KPost-Ontological Thinking in Kant and Levinas

Both Kant and Levinas criticize (traditional) ontology‘s imperialistic nature and agree about the primacy of ethics over theory. Despite this concurrence, Levinas nevertheless criticizes all aspects of Kant‘s turn towards ethics. Continue reading

Recruiting Young Mothers

beremennostYoung mothers are at risk for HIV/STIs, unintended pregnancy, and dating violence (Kann et al., 2016). For almost two years, we have been recruiting young mothers (16-21) for a study with the goal of understanding their romantic relationships, informing future interventions targeted towards this population.

The purpose of this presentation is to Continue reading

What is Private?

Private placesPrivate is difficult to give to the procedure of recurrence and addiction. According to Aristotle, common places like linguistic and logical figures are extraordinarily important, it is the invisible skeleton of any speech. However, we see only “private places” – metaphors, witty answers, specific expressions that correspond to a certain sphere of life. Continue reading

Environmental ethics in Russian preschool Education

Environmental ethicsEnvironmental aspects have been included into the structure of Russian pre-school education since 1980s. Humans are considered as a part of the nature that should not harm the whole and the necessity of forming environmental consciousness, an ecologically literate and responsible person is emphasizing. Continue reading