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The Ethical Component of The Sociopolitical Changes

GlobalizationModern problems of society and political authorities often minimise the nature of the relationship of public power and citizen, because the political regime determines the degree of social freedoms.

Studying social world even as it agreed to talk about how a totalitarian regime from authoritarianism and democracy, but attempts to more accurately classify their diversity leveled many intermediate modes of organization and implementation authorities. Continue reading

Electronic government and information society

e-govNow all countries of the world to some extent carry out information process. The first country which has begun information is the USA. Other industrially developed countries of the world, having understood perceptivity and inevitability of this direction, have quickly enough oriented and introduction of computers and means of telecommunications Continue reading

Syncretism of primitive standards of living arrangement

antic-societySyncretism is the oldest principle characterized by a certain attitude of man to the world, to himself, to reproductive activity. From the Latin, “syncretism” translated as “societies association” means a union of incompatible beliefs and thinking indicates a coherence and unity. The term syncretism applied to many areas of life, including the historical development of Continue reading