Professional Activities of a Lawyer

laewerWhen I started work at this easy theme , I read and reviewed a large number of materials, in which noticed a lot of new and interesting about my professional activities and moral consequences of it, for myself. In my opinion, the activities of a lawyer , does not depend only on his occupational knowledge , but also on the moral principles and views of the specialist in general. It’s not enough to have knowledge of the law , in this case, a specialist is not a professional , he can not assess the situation.

First, I want to write about legal practice and its signs. The first sign is mass. Today the legal profession is quite popular , but there is an important issue of ethical and moral aspect of a specialist. Therefore, good specialists would be able to satisfy the customer , both from the point of law and from the point of ethics and morality. He will always find a right approach to every client and to acquire a compromise in any situation , and can solve it from a legal point of view.

The second feature is the elite. The legal activities is not performed by all, only the person with the appropriate skills and knowledge can do it. Ukraine has not many qualified legal professionals, because of this, profession gaining elite status really faster.

The next sign is a increased responsibility. The lawyer must think about every of his decision or advice. The pieces of advice and solutions done by the specialist is often influence on the person’s destiny, wealth and so on. Mistakes of the lawyer profession cause public threats , which are protected by state law. The lawyer have to be responded about their mistakes. It is better to pay attention to the conscious activities, it will creates well done work.

The fourth characteristic is a conflict. In legal activities often happens the joints of different views for example a plaintiff and a defendant. We can notice really conflict situations in the work of the lawyer and the task of the lawyer is to find and offer the right compromise for both sides, but specialist must do it in combination of legal and moral skills.

The fifth feature is intellectual attractiveness. Every qualified job requires a certain level of intelligence. However , intellectual activity prevails in the profession of the lawyer. During a specific situation, the lawyer analyzes, he uses intellectual thinking to find right solution.

The last feature is the collective work. Some work of lawyer need activitys in the group of people. Many decisions aren’t made a particular specialist , there are made on behalf of the authority of the state or the state in general.

Another factor that I want to tell you, is the studying of the legal ethics and its influence on the formation of a specialist. The legal ethics gives us the opportunity to explain the situation and to find a solution in a certain problem in a real life. It also promotes the moralization of own professional skills , provides us the moral content. Legal ethics can be considered applied ethics , spiritual weapon of the lawyer, that provides honest and making duties sincerely, the solution of the complex legal problems in the most convenient way.

The falling of the morality in the legal profession demonstrates the usefulness of legal ethics, as one of the essential factors in the improvement of the current situation , educating professionals of the new generation, taking into account the morals of society. The studying of the legal ethics , in my opinion , is very important and useful for future lawyers. The task of legal ethics is the studying of moral deviations and shortcomings in the activities of the specialist in the area of law. In my opinion , we need to create a special ethical code , which would have formed duties and professional responsibities of the lawyers.

Special elements of moral actions are motive and intention , which are closely related to behavior , feelings , experience and so on. I am sure, that every person has his own motive and intention in the perfected act, that can be classified like as moral and immoral. The main motives of the act are beliefs. Moral beliefs can be transferred to another person , but in general they are formed in every person. And their formation depends on, in the first place , life experience , personal qualities and so on.

Another interesting aspect is the legal regulation of the activities of a lawyer.

Official sources legal ethics we can take of some Laws of Ukraine , Decrees of President , decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers and others. Although the legal activities of a lawyer is enshrined in the Constitution , but the lawyer is not responded about his moral beliefs.

Every lawyer must comply moral qualities , such as :

• Having perfect knowledge of current legislation. Without this specialist will not be able lawfully and efficiently perform his skills. Therefore, it is necessary to have a law degree.
• Ability to correctly apply laws to the specific situation.
• Having good and independent intention, a deep desire to live and working according to the current legislation.

That is why effectively using own professional responsibilities needs humane and exacting attitude to yourself and to other people , faithfully and honestly using existing legislation.

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