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Sense of Life in philosophy of Frank G. and M. Trubetskoho

vibirNow third everybody in our society begins to think of by the course of life. What aims to attain in this world, by whom to become, how to realize itself in society.

Therefore sooner or later we begin to think of by “sense of life in general” and by “sense of own life”. In a concept sense of life displayed the content of education fullness of life , understanding of setting in the world, values worth living. Continue reading

How to find a companion for life?

shlubikHow to find a companion for life? Probably each of us wants to spend all life side by side with correct person. Yes, exactly with CORRECT, because somehow we have an association with a particular image of a person who meets our notions of “soul mate”.

So, at first: in order to “attract” to our life Continue reading

How to find a goal of life?

ChoiceSometimes many of us, at a particular point of life, feel we are lost and waste our time for unimportant things. In other words, we don’t have a goal which we want to reach. And this happens despite success in business and career.

So what is happening with us? You might have dream about something different and your dream didn’t come true… very often psychologists suggest that you remembered Continue reading