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Examining the Acceptability ofthe Stepped – Care Model of Depression Treatment

depressionA recent meta-analysis indicated that among individuals diagnosed with cancer, 14.9% meet criteria for Major Depressive Disorder, 19.2% experience minor depression, and 2.7% meet criteria for Dysthymia (Mitchell et al., 2011). The occurrence of depression in oncology may lead to increased mortality rates, higher treatment attrition, and decreased quality of life (Spiegal & Giese-Davis, 2003; Pinquart & Duberstein, 2010). Continue reading

Racial Differences among Undergraduate Students in Psychiatric Correlates of Self-Aggression

Sri-Lanka-studentThere’s a well-established relationship between depression, anxiety, emotion dysregulation and aggression, in the form of self harm. These populations have predominately been Caucasian. This study aimed to characterize selfinjurious thoughts and behaviors, and to correlate / compare these statistics between African American and Caucasian samples. Continue reading

Depression as one of the reasons that aggravate the symptoms of complicated forms of migraine

depressionActuality of the problem. General practitioners, neurologists, cardiologists, therapists in their daily practice often face a headache problem. Among the primary headaches, a special place is given to one of the most common vascular headaches – migraine, which affects up to 12% of the world’s population. The disease has a well-defined hereditary nature (the risk of illness in children with a hereditary burden on the mother’s line is 72%, along the line of the father – 30%, with migraine in both parents it reaches 80-90%) [2, 5, 6, 13]. Continue reading