Act as a primary element of morality

ChoiceMoral activity in professional literature is understood in a broader and narrower sense. In a broad sense we can work considered moral if it is consistent with the requirements, values and norms of morality. Moral behavior or human activity is when a person is polite, respectful attitude expresses the people who surround her are decent, adequately perform their duties. Is immoral activity – is the one that gives moral precepts.

If we consider the narrow sense, the moral in this case we can assume only that activity that is based on a conscious election of its subject and its goal is to actively strengthening moral values. In this case, seen vast moral importance of certain manifestations of human activity, as their special feature, while other forms of activity are not considered immoral. From the above it can be concluded moral are all human activity, we estimate in terms of the requirements of morality. So, from the above it follows that the moral act is – a primary element of moral behavior.

We turn to the definition of the act, act – a practical action strengthening individual moral values, aimed at specific targets, in situations where these values are taken into question or even denied. Act in the field of moral activity is the integrity that makes it meaningful and improved form. The moral act – is rare nowadays.

Action – a specific action carried out by its own individual decision, intention, and the person is hoping for approval of its moral motives. The act on ethical orientation can be good or bad, but in any case not soulless. It is in deed we can see the basic needs of the individual, relationship to the environment, temperament and character. In addition, such action man showing its traits: honesty, dedication, hypocrisy, cowardice, deceit, openness, etc.

If we consider a simple example, when the student copied quiz with your neighbor on the desk and on the issue of teacher who copied who replied that he did it himself, all becomes clear that he is a coward, dishonest and cowardly. That is, his act according to the norms of morality and ethics are immoral. It is the social, legal and ethical standards helps us to understand what is moral action or, conversely, immoral or dishonest like.

Turning to the statement I.S.Kona, then, in his opinion, can follow the following – all deeds are done in a certain specific situation and determined dairy coexistence of people in the world. Indeed, if we analyze the action of a man who is mentally mature, then it is always based on the relationship to the other as the same person. The act provides for participation and reciprocity.

The act may be characteristic of any individual, social group or any culture, it reflects the peculiarities and the overall level of the subject. Depending on the age of the individual, distinguish certain signs by which we can attribute an action to the action. For example, a young man may dare to heroic act that ought to help a friend, but at the same time can not listen to requests from parents who may currently rely on its assistance expected of him that he will relinquish its interests and etc.

Not everyone, even moral deeds lead to good consequences can sometimes happen, which is good in its motive action will completely unexpected result, such as, for example, in medicine, in experimental treatment of the patient may be better, or maybe vice versa, his condition only worsened.

Every human act even a little bit, but changes the world around us. Proof of this is the first-act of Jesus Christ, after which, according to all the priests of Christian churches, the world was fundamentally changed and will not have such as never before. Accordingly, our actions, actions of ordinary people, at least a little, but changing the world, and well, if in these actions, we can observe morality, which is so lacking today. It is important to perform good deeds, particularly to show compassion where it is not expected of you, forgive the enemy, help a neighbor – these actions make the elements of morality in our life. That moral behavior is a significant shift in the human being, it is not enough nowadays.

Therefore, action is an integral part of our lives. It depends entirely on our inner world and take part in its formation; a deliberate act, which has certain specific reasons and consequences, it may be perceived by others both positively and negatively. The criterion for assessing performance are moral norms, rules and principles rooted in society throughout its development. Each person himself can decide how to do it and a particular situation or ignore certain rules, or otherwise firmly and resolutely not compromise its principles. However, is from birth to teach children to perform actions based on the moral principle that in the future we are not ashamed of them.

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