Bioethical dilemma of the formicaries

formicariesFormicaries are devices in which live colonies of ants. An exit out from formicaries of insects is not possible; they receive both water and food from the outside. Initially with formicary professionals made experiments. However, today formicary sells the Internet, advertizes as a good gift to children of 7 years. Question: Is it possible to sell from the ethical point of view what was originally created for scientific experiments? Answers mean an ethical dilemma.

1. It is not an ethic position for many reasons. Ants exist on Earth many million years. They build to themselves the cities, graze a plant louse, cultivate fields of mushrooms and acacias and also are engaged in collecting. It is public life. Here the advertising description on the website of the seller: “Children of 7 years can observe as ants reserve seeds, drag each other and look after the queen and many other things! Buy as a gift!” Such gift the worst type of treatment of living beings, gifts happen also not necessary and can throw out a gift.

And though in Russia the law forbidding animals abuse in life is still not adopted it is necessary to pay attention to the concept of biocentrism according to which any bio species has the status of axiological utility. The biocentrism corresponding recognizes many religions and cults: Indian Jainism, Islam, Christianity, etc. “Since the end of the 1950th on the 1970th year’s ant farms were popular educational children’s toys in the USA”.

However, later the fashion ended. The reason in the revolutionary movement which began in the midsixties for the Rights of animals. Reference points of the philosophers proclaiming the power of the person over animals became not so obvious.

2. Second position of an anthropocentrism. Ants not people, we can use the advantage before them to ourselves for the good. The benefit seems in an opportunity to study and receive new skills, perhaps food. Perhaps, in the future there will be usual a maintenance and cultivation of ants for entertainment and food, for example, larvae or actually ants, how now in farms breed hens. Unlike other types of living beings ants well adapted to life on our general planet, it proves efficiency of their social device.

From the mechanism which is so wisely arranged with the nature it is necessary to adopt experience. The generation which is given formicary can well acquire this experience and realizes it in the future, carrying out useful social reforms. Perhaps such is evolution of relationship of the person with the nature in which our generation can observe one of its stages – domestication of insects. If to carry out ethical rules of conduct with similar toys, such toys are acceptable. So, the child’s attitude towards living beings has to be formed on the example of kind treatment of pets of adults.

Created by Artemjev Timur.

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