Relationship between morality and politics

Politik+MoralSince when in the world was the so-called “freedom of speech” we increasingly began to meet in everyday life, the headlines, or on television, the word “policy”. But few people really understand meaning of the word. For that, turn over the pages of history during the times of ancient Greece. From that time was the beginning the word “policy”.

From the Greek it translated as a city – state. A policy is a defined sphere of relations of social classes, of Nations, of layers, which is determined by the interests and goals, which focus on the acquisition, generalization, assimilation and reproduction of state power. One word “politics” includes many others, such as cultural policy, demographic policy, ecology, social, national and many others.

With the advent in the world of politics, we can see felt a state of tension and oscillation between politics and morality. Because even the Greek philosopher Aristotle shown of distinction between a person with moral principles and a good solid citizen. If you follow this idea, we will constantly watch no correlation of the moral and political world. Because relationship between morality and politics there is a clear gap which is associated with the state benefit. In this case, the benefit of the state of things applies to the General scope, whereas private are purely personal. If public interest is expressed in policy primarily, it more specifically affects the moral sphere.

Scientists, political scientists, philosophers claim that politics and morality are not connect because politics always motivated to satisfies their own needs and interests and uses most effective ways and means, and the moral satisfies the needs of most people. Based on the theory, we can say that the policy governing all public areas of life society a state. This can be considered a positive factor, that is the good policy side.

There are many expressions, which reveal the fact that politics is a public matter and morality is a matter of the individual. Even Machiavelli, who was politician and thinker, who has analyzed politics as a struggle for power among the people. He believed that politics as a science should be separated from ethics and morality. Also, he thought that scientific theories should be based only on the bare facts and not to appeal to the ethical system. But not all scientists agree to share such views. When considering the problem of correlation of ends and means in politics, you once understand that it`s completely related to the problem of moral aspect. Because of that, every politician in the choice of means of achieving their goals exempts itself from moral norms and prohibitions.

In our times policy used to achieve their goal even when the methods is immoral and criminal. We live in times of progress of civilization, but clearly see that the harmonious combination of ends and means doesn’t happens. Now political leaders are trying to justify their goals and actions and refer to morality, in different ways they are trying to involve citizens to achieve their goals. Active political leaders and parties know that the policy can’t do everything and that the moral limits it’s freedom of control, so policy is always try to free themselves from the chains of morality. And constant attempts to avoid responsibility and moral evaluations show the weakness of our leaders and excuse their immoral behavior. Policy has influence the material and spiritual life of society.

In the modern world of the leading role play politics. Morality is formed under political influence and that leaves a clear imprint on the moral views of each individual. If we consider the policy positions of good and evil, then it means that diplomacy is the art of negotiation. Because politicians should negotiate. It is this brought them the instinct for survival because or they try to compromise or diplomatic death. In our society, this instinct is not work.

Because from our point of view, everything is the opposite: self diplomatic – is in a sense fight to the death, as a compromise – a sign weakness political death. There is a moral culture, which belongs to our social environment and it requires a person to do a particular good or a bad thing to do. Then the reaction of each person in turn double or doing something that requires close environment, or refuse it.

For 25 years, Ukraine has had five presidents. All were elected, we can say, fair elections. But look at it from the other side and remember the Orange Revolution of 2004, Revolution of dignity 2013-2014 year. The people of Ukraine went to Independence Square and protested again because of politics. If we go back in the time of Ukrainian People’s Republic, namely 20 years of the XX century, we meet again with the concept of “revolution.” From this side, the policy shows its negative effects, and quality, because it is through it, and put the lives of thousands, perhaps even millions of citizens of the state in which they lived.

Politics is very “old” woman in our lives, and for all time, it proved to be on the positive side – for regulating the sphere of public life and the negative – because it was mass performances, revolutions and wars. Even now, thousands of young men laid their lives for our country because of mistakes of our political leaders who are ready to kill each other for power. So, clearly, in my opinion, say that politics is good or evil is impossible.

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