Сrisis of moral education, causes and social consequences

navchannyaWe live in the special times, from one side an epoch carries inspiration to us, and from other affronts to us. There is an overvalue of values. Teachers experience considerable psychological shocks too. Therefore, speech goes about the crisis of world view, change of priorities and overvalue of values.

Now, new political situation, from one side pushes to rethink of aim of educator activity, forms, methods of education, and from the second results in violation of elementary rights for the child / of man on her development.

So the question is very controversial.

But,despite all this, the most important thing is that a person is her relationships with other people.That is the nature of this relationship, much depends in our lives, mood, feeling, performance. It is in the process of socialization and communication with other people, the individual becomes a person. So as to form, and whereby, decent and socially mature person?

The first is education: it promotes humane personality, harmonious, lays traits of discipline, honesty, responsibility, self-esteem and, most importantly, education of the individual independence and patriotism.

Secondly, this is the morality-it provides a system of ideas, principles, laws, regulations, rules of conduct sispilstvi, in general, the relation of man to reality, given the fundamental opposition of good and evil.

In the complex process of the formation of a fully developed personality space belongs to moral education.This educational activities of the school and the family, with the objective of forming stable moral qualities, needs, feelings, skills, habits, norms and principles of morality.

Today the task of moral education is that, to refresh, revive education process, filling process new needs moral behavior.

The two institutions play a role in education. The first is the family.Moral relations in the family an impact on all life.The second is school (and after-school educational institutions).In my opinion, it is very difficult to say what exactly is the crisis of moral education, but the basic concepts are very noticeable. It all rests on the mental level of every nation in the country.With the development of information technology, absorbed people because of their socialization, contrary to their moral principles to adapt.

Society dictates the rules of survival, unfortunately.But not life -It also destroys humane views.But the game is to destroy the established stereotypes, and truly live, live ” As a white man ‘- as in the current conditions for a person this way, the way the revaluation of its property.Re-formulate itself, to live by the principles of morality and humanity, it is very hard!But perhaps, most importantly, adhere to their positions and not subject to external factors.

To form a decent moral values.

Now, the company is at the stage where everyone has a basis the principles laid down moral education, but to fully comply with them now can not. Social circumstances dictate slightly different requirements.

In conclusion, I must say that we should all raise the subject in his mind to recover and identify ‘who you really are, and what principles of morality live’, and for the sake of posterity and the next generation, eliminate factors antymoralnosti and be ” man ”.You should also be resistant to information warfare, and think about every factor that affects us.After all, these features formed in us moral education.

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