Ethical and aesthetic traditions and rules of the Czech Republic

Flag of the Czech Republic

Flag of the Czech Republic

If you’re fond of travelling and amazed by ancient architecture, if you like grand celebrations and don’t refuse listening to unusual stories, you should visit the Czech Republic. Walking along stoned streets of Zlata Prague or some others town, one is sure to plunge into the distant past, attached by narrow streets, ancient buildings and gorgeous cathedrals, ubiquitous street sellers, souvenir shops with strange monster dolls. One will also see sincere smiles and friendly looks of inhabitants. Therefore one will certainly want to greet, to talk, to get acquainted with new people.

So you’ll need to know about Czeches’ customs, of course if you don’t want to get in trouble.
As any other country the Czech Republic is special and unique in its way. Czeches have their own customs and traditions, for centuries lined up lifestyle, their own seeing of behavior in public places, their own look at women’s place in the society. So if you know this, you’ll be respected as a person, as a tourist and as a businessman.

Arriving to the Czech Republic one should know that Czeches are very superstitious. They really believe in local legends and will be eager to share ancient mysteries and myths with you. They’ll teach you how to protect yourselves from spells. These stories should be perceived as a due, without laugh and doubt, as a due, without laugh and doubt, at special colour of the country, otherwise one will be offended. And no matter, how doubtful the legend is, you still would like to visit the Karl Bridge, to put your hand to the magic print on its wall, and to make a wish – what if it really will come true.

Like everywhere in the world Czech traditions are related to the character of its inhabitants. Czeches are a hospitable and friendly nation. Therefore while meeting men shake hands, so it won’t be new and unusual for you. But when a man and a woman are meeting, it is she who decides whether to do it. And if according to the ukrainian customs, you let the woman go first, you’ll be unpleasantly awarded a look of reproach. Because it’s common in Czech Republic that a women goes after a man and lets him go first.

There is another good Czech tradition, especially for ukrainian woman. Before visiting a Czech woman it’s customed to buy flowers for her.

If you want to have a glass of beer in a crowded pub, local people will become your neighbours at a table with pleasure, and start talking, cause Czeches are very hospitable and friendly, they treat stranges with respect not considering who they are and where they’re from. Such is a tradition.

Don’t think you could see Czeches kissing in the street. It’s not strange and doesn’t mean Czeches are indifferent and unemotional. No! It’s just because they’re not used to showing their feelings. Czeches are reserved in their emotions. But marriage is an important thing for them. By the way, Czeches choose a pair according to common customs and interests, so it often occurs that a couple works together. Many guests are usually invited to the wedding. But you’re going to be disappointed by a wedding table – it won’t be overwhelmed with meals, cause Czeches are economical and won’t out money to the wind.

Family is the basis of Czeches’ life. That’s why the whole family gathers together at a table for Christmas and Easter, they clean the house together before a holiday, they gather for a family counsil desiding the problems of educating and upbringing children. But they never shout at children.

Real actions in the Czech Republic are holiday customs and ceremonies which are preserved by heirs from one generation to another. Their inseparable part is national dances and music. No holiday, no activity is spend without them.

The main Czech holiday day is catholic Christmas and the merriest one is Oily fest. And this is where Czeches resemble us: the more people, the bigger celebration, and that’s the best!

The week before Christmas may seem the real miracle, because fish appears in the streets. Fresh, overfed carps, grown in special ponds during the year, find themselves in big bowls in the streets to become a jewel of a Christmas holiday table and a hostess’ pride. Because these days’ traditional meal is fried carp with potato solad. And the traditional drink in cold days, grog, is warm, tasty and cheap.

There are different carnivals and festivals.

Another particular feature of the Czech Republic is immense respect for eldery people, nevertheless they are parents, relatives or business partners. So if you’d like to have a business meeting, remember: it’s better to have an eldery person as a business partner, over 40 years old, having life experience. By the way, it can be a woman, cause. Czech business etiquette doesn’t prohibit woman to lead business equally with men.

So what is the secret of the Czech Republic’s popularity among tourists? Surely, it is amazing architecture, unique traditions, national cuisine, resorts exciting legends, friendly inhabitants.

Choose the one you like the most. You’ll be welcomed gladly. But don’t forget- you are only a quest in the Czech Republic!

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