Moral aspects of alcoholism in society

alcoAlcoholism is very serious, large-scale physical, psychological and moral problem which unfortunately faces a very large number of people around the world. Alcoholism is a characteristic psychological and physical dependence on alcohol, based on the presence in the metabolic processes of the human body, which is constantly progressing due to chronic consumption of alcohol.

Today there are a wide variety of statistics related to alcoholism among adults and young people, which is terrible because every year it increases. I think that the social situation or so-called “milieu” affects primarily the statistics of the alcohol dependent people. A person is affected by many factors such as family, friends, colleagues, media, culture and attitude to alcohol in the country.

There are a number of reasons, which can cause alcohol addiciton: psychological trauma, full disappointment in life, series of failures and bad experiences, as well as on the physiological level which is directly related to the family or parents, complete or partial moral exhaustion. In such a case alcohol dependence helps them to relax and to forget about problems and failures, adds strength and courage, carries them to carefree life, but at the same time people don’t care about the moral aspects of this. People with alcohol dependence do not think that they are really dependent, that their behavior and attitude to others, as well as their appearance is simply immoral and not civilized from the moral point of view.

There is such a concept “Alcoholism and ancestry.” Ancestry of alcoholic is always a very sad and disastrous story. Also another concept named “Law of three generations” is applicable here, which is based on research of Mr Morrelya French psychiatrist who was interested and studied the degradation of many generations of alcoholics. He came to a sad and rather critical conclusion that the ancestry of people prone to alcohol abuse stops at the fourth generation.

Morreli proved that eyelid generation is a stage from child to child. There is a system which works when we talk about alcoholism:

Born – virus (alcoholism) – established family – give birth to a child.
One can state that this is a locked cycle. This term is approximately 25 years.

A very large number of people and scientists are concerned with this problem. The problem of alcoholism is discussed not only in narrow circles, but one also gives lessons in schools and universities devoted to this topic, discussions, seminars, writes reports, stories and narrative, publishes articles in magazines and newspapers, a large variety of books, one can read a lot of information on the web pages as well.

Many scientists are interested with this global problem of society, such as Yuzefovych GY, Levitsky VS, Ivanova NV, Hrushenko VS Sinitsky VN Hulyayhorodska MP, and others.

For example, Yahodytskyy V.V. wrote an article “The students on the harm of nicotine and alcohol”, Kuzmin V.D. wrote “Alcohol and our descendants”, and Mr Kosmov wrote a good conversation “Discussions on anti-alcohol education”.
Due to people and scientists who are worried by the problem of society we can draw conclusions and be reserved from the big “catastrophy” called “alcoholism.”

A good example is the educational hours, entitled “Alcohol and crime. Is this possible to put equate between “.
Objective: To generalize and to systematize the knowledge of people about the harmful effects of alcohol on the human body, the psyche; to bring negative attitude of man to alcohol, the consequences of inappropriate behavior while intoxicated; to form a resistance belief in the importance of adherence to moral standards.
Realization: conversation using game elements.

This educational hour also includes case studies and game “Health Formula”. It would be good to finish this educational hour with words of famous person Leo Tolstoy: “Wine destroys physical health, mental abilities, destroys prosperity in the family, the worst thing is ruining people’s souls and their descendants.”

We must also distinguish such very destructive factor as alcoholism among women, as the scientists believe it is incurable. These women have children and it is a big issue which is raised in many articles and publications during nearly 100 years. There are a lot of cases in which medical tests show high concentrations of ethanol in the blood of the children were borned by women with alcohol addiction.

So I can do a lot of conclusions on this subject, but will highlight only a few. On the moral side, alcoholism – is extremely non-civized atittude not only to himself but also to the whole environment. Alcohol addiction carries a lot of problems related not oonly to personal helath, but also to the health of the whole society. I hope that one day mankind will forget about such global problem as alcoholism.

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