Professional Ethics of a speech therapist

LogopedProfessional ethics, in my opinion is the system by which teachers find common language with students. Taking into account all their features, having a general idea of students, etc. But all this is very helpful Psychology. In my mind psychology is important in professional ethics, because thanks to this science, we can see a man that which is not visible to the naked eye, such as some psychological behaviors, or even as troubling this man, her specific fears, it is to give good advice quality work teacher.

To win any man that is a very big job. Because each has its own characteristics, some just fear of teachers, some are afraid to work in a group or one-on-one. For professional activity includes moral attitudes: the attitude of teachers to students; relations between teachers, because in some difficult situation you can get advice from colleagues and bad will happen if relations between colleagues horrible.

Speech therapist. As if it sounds not very significant. This profession, some does seem unnecessary, but unfortunately most do not even know which content brings this particular work that generally takes role in our lives. Some refer to this kind of specialists with fear, for they know not what actually this man is.

In fact, speech therapyis a very hard profession that is not given to all, not everyone can overpower and capture the principles and mechanisms, ways and means of production, schemes profiles articulation and much more, including this science. Given that every day we can say we are fighting with severely impaired, helping to master their native language correctly, that such as it is, eliminate: causes, mechanisms, symptoms structure disorders of speech activity, also are building a system of correctional influence – it is this we become better help those people who have the disorders. But speech therapy includes not only these components, especially professionals involved in your child’s development, the development of mental processes (attention, memory, thinking, general and fine motor skills, control, presentation).

Primarily correct speech – a condition of further socialization of children in the environment and the inclusion of certain social groups. Thus, the speech therapist has to build its work on ethics, especially in the moral sense to such people.

For successful work of speech therapist should have the following qualities: tolerance, indifference, creativity, professionalism, interest in the correct result, result-oriented, communication skills, competence in these matters, humanity, openness, emotional, tact, responsibility, initiative, patience, ability to cheer (because some people are ashamed of their own shortcomings).

The aim of speech therapy is to develop a correctional education system and to prevent data breaches. Having considered that that includes this science can be concluded about the purpose of science, it examines language development in ontogeny, detect violations and at what stage of ontogenesis it happened, and correction of defects. First of all, this work involves patience for correcting violations are not so easy as it seems, because some assimilation is faster, and some who have more serious violations – more difficult.

Actually speech therapy is a very specific science. It includes a huge number of violations that without special education does not detect. Violations are and writing and reading and speech, which unfortunately does not allow free access broadcasting. Because of this, many of whom are laughing because teachers aim that lay in understanding people is to teach these people normally perceive and discern sincerity, because most persons with disabilities are very talented.

Ethics is manifested in the fact that the speech therapist, as a true professional does not have a laugh over this person, because firstly it is not good, on the other hand such persons growing lack of confidence in themselves and their own abilities, they are disappointed in others and closed in itself which leads to complications disorders. And even if in the future they decide to once again go to this specialist, is likely to be accompanied by their fears that again just laugh of this defect. That is why I include ethics Psychologist tact, tolerance and flexibility (in order to be able to increase the degree of confidence in the specialist and to win).

The value lies in the fact that people with speech disorders have a chance at a full life, successful at solving problems that have not previously been given in free communication with others, free expression of opinion.

Thus, the essence of professional ethics of speech therapy is how to find a common language with the child with disabilities, as it was to win, configure it to work, so she went on contact and we were able to work on her accent or other infringements. Of course speech therapy professional ethics, in my opinion, is much deeper than in other areas because we are dealing primarily with the personality of the person, and it is important not to damage the image of himself, because it can lead to more violations than they were before.

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