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Japan and China Rivalry in Building an Asian Community

N-AziaSince the economic crisis hit East Asia in 1997, East Asian states have begun to make efforts to build an East Asian community. In 1997 the Northeast Asian states of Korea, Japan, and China joined the ASEAN meeting and created ASEAN+3 framework. These thirteen countries decided to establish an East Asian Vision Group(EAVG) in 1998 and an East Asian Study Group(EASG) in 2001. With the two reports of these groups, the region has Continue reading

The Study of Seimei Shrine

Seimei ShrineResearch on religions in Japan has focused mainly on Shintoism, Buddhism and Christianity with other minor religions defined under the broad category of folk religion. As current research has not adequately addressed the issue of minor religions in Japan, my interests lie in examining how these minor religions construct their identity against mainstream ideas of religion in contemporary society. Continue reading

International Migration: The Case of Japanese-Brazilians and Hamamatsu City

migraciya2Many Asian countries have begun importing labor as their economies have developed. In Japan, the foreign labor force grew significantly after the state immigration policy was amended in 1990. This policy change, in conjunction with the country’s globalization over the ensuing decade, has resulted in a rapidly-growing Japanese-Brazilian population in Japan. Continue reading