Theoretical ethics problem

etiikkaGood and evil, morals and ethics are the notions which made many scientists meditate that because a stimulus for the beginning of such science as ethics.

Ethics is quite an interesting science which investigates vital values, helps evaluate properly and analyze one or another vital situation that appears in the society from the point of view of moral choice. Ethics even so submits people’s deals and actions in accordance with moral standarts.

Word ”ethics” as usual is associated among the people with such notions as definite description concerning person’s behaviour as a definite way to characterise, justify or condemn one or another person’s deed, and at last as a definite rule which helps regulate people’s relationship.

The main ethics problem is the definition of what is perceived by the people ib the society and evaluated as acceptable or unacceptable behaviour and, the main thing, by what criterion its acceptability or unacceptability is determined.

Like any other science ethics has got definite directions of investigation which help accomplish the set aim. These directions are proper tasks of ethics.

In its making as a science, ethics has passed several phases everyone of which has got its theoretical tasks. However, it should be marked that all of them are aimed at the main ethics problem’s decision, that is revelation of the essence, appearance and basing of such a notion as morals.

One of the important tasks of ethics is a search of modern new methods of the cognition of morals phenomenon according to the contemporary theoretical data received taking into account philosophic meditations and knowledge.

Not the less important tasks is forming and systematization of moral standarts and rules which must be stuck to in the process of interpersonal relations.

Important tasks is a revision and basing of morals as a form of public recognition in the conditions of modern global influence.

Quite actual tasks is the definition of the person’s place in the structure of ethics doctrine and in general of direct significance of ethics doctrine.

As one of the tasks is an interpretation of the essence ”morals”, you should remember that immediate theoretic knowledge mustn’t take a significant place in the person’s consciousness since it doesn’t influence immediately the person. Morals in itself and public phenomena in which it properly reflects are much richer in content and much more valuable than its theoretic content, that is abstract notion.

Regarding the tasks which consists of basing and systematization of moral standarts and rules you should take into account that they are the component of moral consciousness, its factual reflection. Moral standart in itself is some standart, some example of behavior in which the main needs of people’s coexistence are reflected. Moral standart is always a description of some manifestation of social life. The model of moral standart can be respect for parents, conservation of customs.

Undoubted is also the fact that appearance of morals of each person, that is forming of so called individual morals is dictated by social influences but each person has got the right to chose one or another behavior norm and as a result to be responsible for it.

The task which lies in the establishment of person’s place in the structure of ethics doctrine is actual because all the moral categories are only people’s references. As honour, dignity, conscience, responsibility are notions characteristic only to the people, it’s possible to make conclusion that the person occupies the main place in the structure of the ethics doctrine. Immediate significance of ethics doctrine reveals in the fact that it’s the regulator of interpersonal relations, various social phenomena and all of those processes which follow public society during all the period of it’s existence.

Satisfying his/her own needs, understanding his/her interests the person tries to realize them consciously; to do it without interacting with other people isn’t possible practically, as each person also has got own needs, interests, likes and all in all his/her own opinion which you can’t help taking into account. That’s why the participants of social relations every time have to make a choice either to act according to their honor without restricting other person’s freedom or be guided by their own idea only and their own desire.

It should be so, but unfortunately it isn’t. As a consequence the conflicts and contradictions are being appeared. It’s quiet clear if it had continued for a long period of existence, the society as such wouldn’t have existed any longer. The development of the society isn’t at the same place, the society is constantly evolving; just this fact lead to the appearance of such social phenomenon as morals.

The development of the civilization influences greatly at all spheres of people’s activities and life. All those influences are factually directed to the constant improvement of the human personality. Taking into account all those changes the problem of growing up of moral culture of the rising generation leaves very actual. That’s why the necessity of consideration of the notion ”morals”, it’s changes and modern new interpretations in the context of global influences is appearing.

Thus, all the enumerated tasks undoubtedly need their decision but in the course of time more and more new tasks will appear and they will make the researchers and the society as a whole look at the content of ethics doctrine in different way.

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