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Theoretical ethics problem

etiikkaGood and evil, morals and ethics are the notions which made many scientists meditate that because a stimulus for the beginning of such science as ethics.

Ethics is quite an interesting science which investigates vital values, helps evaluate properly and analyze one or another vital situation that appears in the society from Continue reading

Problemas modernos de las relaciones morales

moral-peopleLos problemas y las crisis moral en las relaciones entre los individuos en esta etapa del desarrollo humano son muy importantes, porque incluso en las primeras etapas de nuestra especie que sue?an con una vida despreocupada, llena de significado profundo, el amor, en los principios de equidad y justicia. Continue reading

Current problems of moral relationships

Moral_EticaProblems and crises of moral relations at this stage of human development are very actual, because even in the early stages of development our species has dreamt about a carefree life, full of deep meaning, love and based on principles of fairness and justice.

Honesty, kindness, conscience, duty and Continue reading