Theoretical concepts the sense of life: selfishness, altruism, conformism, etc.

happyEveryone interested in the question: “Why do I live on the Earth?”. We were given to understand it, the term “vision of life” in advance. Everyone differently discovers and understands the value. All factors that surrounds people: actions, moral value of life, behavior, thinking their existence and determine the meaning of his own life, his calling, purpose.

Other way, if a man be in unpredictable situations, loss of Mental Health (depression, drug addiction, alcoholism) at result and the understanding of life, people experienced this as life drama. Only a person know of a fact that it is able to put questions to their place and purpose in the world depends on the answer to a question, choose from variant the options own way of they chose.

Now the world faces the problem of young people, they not think over this question, use bad habits, many a permit. In most cases, live like they are immortal, living the principles of “trying everything”. The main problem is parenting, personal example of parents actions to their son or daughter turn and children looking at them reflects confidence.

Under the impact from parents of children begin to break down the psyche, systematic humiliation, booze, scandal reluctance to push the child to live, lost the meaning of life and so on. On the question “meaning of life” they do not thinking, and begin to lose understanding, and also in the adult age. And at result they are egoists, altruists, conformists, etc.

Egoist – it is a personality who thinks of himself, loves and respects himself and guided by their personal interests only. They announce entitled to happiness and love for yourself. The term “selfishness” is can be understanding like negative and positive thinking. If you look for that from terms of ethics, it is good, they can realize their own values and make them fulfill their moral obligation to have high self-esteem. Bad that selfishness is a threat to the public attention. Egoist need to talk, they need just talk and do not listen, just to talk. They think just about themselves, they do not interested what people say about their behavior, actions, etc. Selfishness is a threat to the public interest. Opposite is selfish altruists.

Altruist – these are people who sympathize with others who are willing to selflessly serve and sacrifice in the way of goodness. The principle of altruism: “Live for others.” They refuse his life as an individual private interest. It was interesting that they often help people solve problems, life situations and moments in some altruists can easily solve their specific problems. Bad is that they do not thinking about themselves, at result often they can have a problem with health, because they live for others. Able to sacrifice the principle: “Live and let live.”

Conformity – a social orientation, appears not at result of self-help social and moral problems, it’s a passive adaptive decision-ready order. They do not allow the creation of a separate, independent individual, and have the opportunity to defend their own opinion, hinders be a creative person. Conformist always whines instead of taking responsibility, willing to take risks, look for an easy variants in life, not give up for new prospect. Most hate conformists make solving complex problems, try to pause and close the deal. Conformist group often credited for assessment, instead, to evaluate yourself.

Conformism have many reasons, the most of them is family education – dissatisfaction basic needs of the child, humiliation, violence. Often contrasted reaction nonconformity or negativity in their behavior appears a lot in common.

Uncomfortable reaction is conditioned and determined group pressure is dependent on it. Negativism often depends with that individual part of the group and its task is to show themselves unique. Indicate that conformist and nonconformist whose behavior is often found low level.

Negativism often associated that the individual part of the group and its task to show themselves unique. Indicate that conformist and nonconformist whose behavior is often found in groups low level of socio-psychological development.

Individualism and collectivism – is the presence of reasonable ability to consciously organize relationships. Individualism is the principle of “I” and “you” as self-affirmation through opposition by. Collectivism and altruism are related on the grounds that altruism is closely associated with collectivism. Rights collectivist able to accept other people’s identity, their heart, “I”, to promote their development, suffer their suffering – are uninterested for himself love people.

It is important that young people must find his true calling. Learning to live in society, to pick out between good and bad, usefully try to live your life without harming others. Modern people at the road to the desired use of other people, not even thinking that make them pain. To reach something in life you need to be mutual understanding with your conscience, live with the GOD commandments, and belong to others like to himself. If each of us will think about it, there will be concepts such as selfishness, altruism and others.

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