Compliment is a form of praise, expression of recognition and approval

satiraComplement can also be defined as a wonderful part of social life. A compliment made in a correct manner with words appropriate for occasion can empower a person, give them wings and everything will be done as if with a swing of a magic wand. Complement can improve relationships between people, better the atmosphere in the company of friends, bring people closer or if made inappropriately or in the wrong time – split people further apart. (NOT?) Everyone knows how to make and take compliments to make the communication less tense and more pleasant.

I think that many people are familiar with a problem in a society – inability to make compliments. Sometimes people ask themselves how to take the compliment if it was made to them. There are so many articles about compliments and on how to formulate them and when to make them and to whom that it may seem like science that cannot be comprehended by “regular” people, but everything is much simpler than it may seem.

Whom should we make compliments to? Perhaps there are people we should not compliment? Realistically, compliments are important for communication between people of all levels. However, there is a big difference depending on whether you compliment a man or a woman. It is worthwhile to practice a little to learn how to make compliments and to make them with pleasure.

In this case people’s attitude towards you will also change for the better. With help of a compliment you can get rid of some difficulties in communication, as people like when they or their efforts are praised. The person then opens up and becomes more sincere.

I think that the most important rule in communication is the “golden rule” of morality – do with others as you would like the others do to you. So if you want people to be sincere with you, be sincere with them.

In my opinion sincerity is the most important in compliment. When you are sincere and do not want to make a compliment to not be superficial, it will not be easy for you to make one. If making a compliment is difficult for you, start with friends and family, you already know how to praise and what to pay attention to. You can always find something praiseworthy in the person you are speaking to. Can comment about their looks.

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