Happiness as moral value of a personality, basic factors of happiness

lifeIn the 21st century the way of life takes away so much forces and time, that a modern man is heavy to find happiness in trifles. Seeing a single who smiles in the street or in the subway, an ordinary Ukrainian will think, that he is a little mad, only few, unfortunately, will be able to rejoice for him sincerely, and quite a small percent of our compatriots will smile in reply. And a smile is in fact one of many trifles on the way to happiness.

There is no doubt that we live in time of public conflict. Confrontation and neglect are met in all spheres of human life. Therefore, in my opinion, the question of happiness is very actual. I think, everybody interprets on his own this concept variously, namely: like the state of soul, like an emotional state, like vital orientation. However, at all times there has been inherent desire of a human being to be happy. And, undoubtedly, everybody has their «recipe». One thing is undeniable – it is the greatest degree of pleasure and search of man.

In my essay I wouldn’t like to define and once again interpret this concept, in fact, before me known research workers, writers, artists were engaged in this, and attained considerable successes, I only want to share my «recipe» for happiness.

Probably, all over the world there are neither good nor bad people – there are only happy and unhappy ones. It is well known that everybody is a particle of the society, a little brick of one enormous building – state. Indisputably, it is not a secret for anybody that when the state prospers, the citizens are happy at the same time.

I see the role of my generation in claim of Ukraine as a free and sovereign European state. Therefore my purpose is to achieve the mutual understanding on the basis of mutual respect. It is not so important here whether one feels oneself a winner or a loser. It is important to understand that a new paradigm of human nature is needed, the way of search of which lies in an intellect. I am happy for this reason, that I study at the university of the capital, have a possibility to communicate with highly educated teachers, to master knowledge and gain the necessary experience for subsequent life.

My purpose is to become a highly moral personality, provided with a developed intellect. In fact, a highly moral personality is he who behaves deservingly in any situation, regardless of circumstances and control from others. Such are godfearing people who I identify myself with. And in this sense it is not necessary to «go» farther than Commandments Divine, and especially than the basic one, the Commandment of love.

This is how I understand the essence of a new paradigm of human nature that is appropriately necessary today.

What brings us over to happiness? How many people there are in the world, so many reasons there are for happiness. Undoubtedly, the below described factors have subjective character, after all happiness is an individual concept, everything simpliciter depends on what a specific man inlays in it. As for me, happiness is peace in soul above all things. Peace comes due to awareness that love is real. Love is real, and happiness is individual.

«Recipe» of happiness by a future teacher of the deaf-and-dumb, and so far a third-year student of Institute of Correctional Pedagogy and Psychology of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University Futul Una:

1. Make an attempt to put the God in the first place, then everything in your life will be in their places. These are not simply words!
2. Learn to be happy so that not to make unhappy those, who are alongside.
3. Keep your consciousness open for perception of new ideas. Pass these ideas to others.
4. Consider pointers which are born in Your consciousness, or originate from other people.
5. Respect yourselves and your senses.
6. Your intentions must be crystal clean.
7. Be brave to defend what you believe in. A lot of people can benefit from your wisdom and support.
8. Adhere to the healthy way of life. Consume healthy meals. Sleep so much, as it is needed.

P.s to be happy is simple – one has only to want!

Shortly speaking, it is not needed that happiness be always associated with an unattainable bluebird, that lives outside the real somewhere and draws by the unspeakable radiance. Isn’t it? Look for happiness in simple things.

In the end, I’d like to mention that happiness is so wide, which contains the entire world of senses, reactions on the surrounding, impressions and actions which have to accompany everybody in this life.

I would like to complete with by the words by a wonderful teacher, writer, poetess from my home town:

How to measure happiness we don’t know,
And not always appreciate what we owe.
For happiness a lot of trifles we need…
Collect them all, and we’ll succeed!

Halyna Brytvak

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