Person’s fear in front of leadership

fear-bossThe successful person must learn how to keep his word firmly and convincingly: straight posture, shoulders are straightened, self-confidence, and not to be afraid to face problems. Speak slowly, without panic, rehearse a speech as often as possible, expounding main ideas, guided facts and argument for all you are going to tell at the meeting. Confidence in one’s position or speech is good for the emotional and mental states. Into place of anxiety and fear will haste high professional evaluation and self-esteem.

Third, to remove an obsessive fear, helps the dispute with the boss. Definitely, it is a challenge to a duel. For the discussion is better to choose an urgent question, in order to the Chief don’t not worry because of it – otherwise, 100%, that all will end not in your favor. But, if the arguments are accurate and interesting, then your Boss will definitely feel your power. If You convince the chief that you’re right, you’ll see how the fear recedes.

Fourth, it would be great to find a good reason to laugh together with the chief (it means not to ridicule the other employees). All of us have a lot of reasons for sadness, but much more – for rejoicing! The overall joy makes us closer, helps to establish important contacts and painful lack of confidence evaporates!

And never forget, if you want your career to rise rapidly up, you need to prove yourself as a professional, do not make mistakes, forget about fear and not be afraid to ask about things you don’t understand, because together is always easier to find the right solutions for any problems. Otherwise, something you are so afraid of might happen – Chief’s dissatisfaction and the neglect from his side. If you just can’t get rid of the fear independently, then you should contact the experts.

Fear in front of a boss is considered to be normal. Permanent accusations are characteristic features of our environment, in contradiction to the Americans and Europeans, where everything is based on the equality of the seller and the buyer.

It seems that successful people are not afraid of anyone, but the problem is that we face it quite often. Fear is veiled under different personal views: “Sometimes I can’t stand my boss”, “Why do not I understand how to find mutual understanding with him”.

Sometimes the leadership is really cruel and directive, i.e. consciously wants to provoke fear in subordinates. “If they are afraid – they will do their job better.” – everybody heard such phrases not once, especially by the leaderships, where the cult of the power and , “demotivation” are predominant and staff have to be the efficient and quick. But it happens that the fear takes hold of even democratic and good leaders.

Here’s how the “victim” describe the signs of fear: “In the presence of boss I get confused, talk unclear, incoherently and stammer.” “The authorities expect from me a quick response, but I do not understand what is in my head. And as soon as they come out of the office, again become creative worker again as if nothing had happened”.

Of course, it is not easy to get rid of the fear immediately. You should keep in mind that the high position of a person does not make him higher and better than you. It is important to respect and perform the tasks right, and at the same time to be able to express your point of view.

People who are afraid will remain unnoticed. The boss, noticing fear to him, can go past your professionalism.

The first and the most popular reason is withheld in childhood, and make the early traumatic experience. This applies to people who were brought up in very tough conditions. Bosses always unconsciously associated with the image of father.

That’s why the panic of the child before too strict father in mature life unconsciously transferred to the authorities.

A leader in this case is not always strict. Some traits and habits of boss, even not so strongly expressed, begin to remind the employee his strict father; the children’s emotions activate the fear to make him angry. An experienced professional during the conversation with the boss abruptly turns into a scared little dog.

The second reason is the personal characteristics of the employee. People who are not self-confident are used to feel the fear in a front of the boss because exactly he can do a powerful blow to the self-esteem even without realizing it.

Fear of condemnation by the boss as well as working with “A student syndrome”, can be characterized as perfectionist, who always tending to be right.

The third reason of fear, I think, emerged from history of relations between worker and boss.

For example, it can be badly executed task; dissatisfied boss because of the quality of the performance and violation of the deadlines; emerging of misunderstandings, sometimes leads to fear and discomfort with the authorities in future.

Fear binds and breaks all the mental work. The process of work possibly will turn into the torture. The fear to ask something and to express your thoughts and opinions, to talk about new ideas; the fear that boss would not estimate and notice you. It is a vicious circle. You will be not loved and respected.

The relationships with the team are threatened here. More often bosses get angry, but soon fade. You just need to understand and adapt to such a person: now he shout, in a few minutes he will apologize. Otherwise you will not be able to defend your views and the views of staff in the unjustified behavior that serves as a quarrel in the team.

And yet, how to get rid of the fear of shame? At first analyze the reasons. Activation of the motivation will allow confidently stand on the way of acquisition of confidence.

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