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Person’s fear in front of leadership

fear-bossThe successful person must learn how to keep his word firmly and convincingly: straight posture, shoulders are straightened, self-confidence, and not to be afraid to face problems. Speak slowly, without panic, rehearse a speech as often as possible, expounding main ideas, guided facts and argument for all you are going to tell at the meeting. Confidence in one’s position or speech is good for the emotional and mental Continue reading

The moral aspect of the human’s fear of death

DeathAt the begining of discussion of such a complex theme as the moral aspect of the human’s fear of death firs of all we need to answer some important questions. They are: “What is morality?”, “What is fear?” and, last but not least, “What is death?”. If we will be able to answer those questions we will be able to understend all the complexity of this elements. But we, of course, should not forget that different folks, cultures and nations maintain different moral values. However, despite of this the fear of death is crosscultural. Continue reading