Fanaticism and the problem of subjects self-determination in time

fanat“A human truly becomes a human only in the moment of decision”
P. Tyllykh

In our time we often have the tragic feel of human existence and observe the unfavorable conditions of our surrounding. It’s a pity, but it happens, that on this ground our independence, and more importantly self-determination is formed. Each of us has the moment when we ask our-self about our determination that is the moment of the decision and self-awareness as an individual and a “subject of time”.

Self-determination of an individual is the definition of one-self in the world of socially accepted criteria of personal becoming and further actions and realization basing on these criteria.

The essence of this phenomenon is the dialog with yourself, and the topic of this discussion is the meaning of the individual, as a subject of time. We start to think about questions, we have heard before, but never tried to attach to our own entity, we have talked them over, we read them before but, we never considered that will come the time for us to deal with them. The first one that comes to mind is — “What do I want?”, what are my goals and plans that I can achieve. The next one follows “What can I do?”, what are my possibilities and predispositions, what will I be able to achieve. Then we try to understand – “Who am I?” , meaning of personal qualities and possibilities, such as moral and physical.

Actually this proses can go on for years, and in some cases it never ends, a person will not be able to find him/herself over the whole life period. Unfortunately such cases are caused by the unwilling to help yourself. If a young person does not crave for new feeling, doesn’t try new activities, then by the age of forty they start to move backwards.

Also it should be noted that self-determination of a person is a quite independent stage of socialization. It’s influenced indirectly by the human him/herself. Now we can talk about the problem of this phenomenon. Unlike the formation of other qualities of a person self-determination is, so to speak, untouched, it is not influenced by the surrounding people, otherwise they would only hurt the development of the mechanism. When outer factors kick in, the person is only distracted and cannot direct his/her will on finding answers. When we’re teenagers such irritants are often our parents, but it can virtually be anyone.

So, the problem of self-determination of a subject in time is familiar to all of us. Person’s comprehension of his/her own life goals, and their adequate realization, as we can see isn’t always possible. Some cannot handle it. I think, that it would be a rational thing to do in this kind of a situation, to change the lifestyle, maybe go on an interesting journey. It will help the person calm down, because only while being in the state of physical an physiological balance, a human can make the correct decision in his/her life, create comfortable conditions for further existence.

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