Principles and methods of overcoming group egoism

grup egoDuring our life, we always connect with other people. It is needed for everybody to keep in touch with someone because we want others to support and help us, to give advice and simply to talk and not to be alone in this huge world. People marry to each other, create families, go to kindergartens, schools, universities, then to work.

They meet with their friends, go shopping and so on. From early childhood, they are surrounded by other people. Gathering together, they give life to different groups. They spend most of their time inside of it because a person is a social creature. Each group has its functions which help to regulate relations between people, which try to do all possible not to bring harm for the society and help to regulate group at all.

Every member of the group can show his or her interests, desires, aims. Their interests can be either positive or negative. Majority of people are selfish and associating to each other in some attachments they show their ambitions on a higher level. It is often called group egoism. It is understood as life contrary between different groups, people, and the whole sociality, people, whose opinions vary from each other. The word egoism means that you will to do something especially for yourselves not paying attention at others. As for group egoism, it can hurt other groups for their own interests. But the person is turned into some frames in the group. He or she has to act accordance to the rules of every group.

Talking about the state, among its citizens also appears the phenomenon of group egoism. It is an irreversible thing. No way what type of government is in the country. It will always be somebody who is against of these rules, who don’t wish to obey them. There are different conflicts inside the country. They can be shown on different levels. There are different subcultures, reunions of people which fight for their laws inside the society.

Their fight means performance against something. The effort of a group protecting their rights is also called group egoism against of the society; attempt to change the world in their own interests, to level up their own interests. The item is that the both sides can be wrong. That’s why many questions appear from this point of view. For example, what does the society want to show not accepting homosexuality? Is the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant or some other terrorists are treat with the society well? There is no exact answer.

Group egoism is divided in functional and not- functional. Firstly, we can explore the functional ones. It brings almost positive effect on the society. Of course, this kind of egoism has also bad sides, however, it is the influence on a person which was entirely opposite of the group. What about positive things. Functional egoism indicates group performances which are opposite regulations and rules of the society. It shows the desire of its member to become a part of the society but at the same time changing it to more loyal. We can see it when women, national minorities struggle for their rights or when people help disabled children and so on. These groups of people show us that manifestation of their humanism through defending their rights. Thanks for it, they change the world in a better way.

Non- functional egoism is not so useful as functional. It doesn’t bring some positive effect on the society. Despite, interferes it to work properly. For example, Punks is a kind of subculture which always is against of general rules. They always break them and prevent of their normal functioning. No doubt, the punks have the right of their existing as every group. But when their activity goes out of the subculture frames, they constitute a public threat.

They oppress the people’s rights though the protests, demonstrations. The publicity mostly suffers from them. But there are another samples of non-functional egoism and, even more, cruel, like terrorism. It courses great collapse. Many people die, everything destructs. Another example can be wars between countries. They are absolutely ineffective way to show the poverty by struggling to each other. What is good in it you ask? As for me, I really don’t understand this way of decision the conflicts.

It is difficult for the country to deal with different groups especially when they are contrary of its legislations. But if the group supports the country and helps it to develop it has very good effect for the country as for the people. The state may have not the same attitude on the groups and keep up or ignore their ideas. The country mostly depends on groups and changes over them.

As the person is a social being, he or she always wants to be a part of a group. It is not easy to keep in touch with other people in an egoistic way. Is such behavior is correct? Maybe yes, because it is easier to work with someone than alone. People show their ideas inside of the group and then they gather their thoughts detecting their position in the world.

I think that group egoism is a typical thing for the society. It is normal when people with common interests, views associate together and fight to defend their ideas with people who don’t support them. People often don’t recognize their behavior. Everybody of us wants the best for his or herself. There is no sense to cope with group egoism; we can only strive with its consequences. Our task is to finish wars, don’t start new ones, to fight in some way with terroristic attacks, to stop propagandize the interest of huge corporations.

The signature of Helsinki articles in 1975 is an example of such actions and fighting with them. It declares some general principles that are needed to be complied. They accent on the consideration of everybody’s position. People need more attention than the state interests. In these documents is reminded that any attempt of harassment the opinion is more important. So, it is worth to avoid interstate conflicts. These articles promote great reunion.

To sum up it I can say that that egoism is a social phenomenon. It represents the people’s attitude to each other. The egoism has its advantages and disadvantages. People joining together originate new unification. These unifications can be kind and useful for others. In other situations, they only course mischief. Group egoism is almost irresistible, but there is always hope for better. We have to try to cope with it from outside. It is worth not to edge in the natural process of group egoism. We only distract it in such way. So, there are different people, everybody of them has different views.

Some of them have more in common; others are almost differing from each other because our society is built in this manner. In my opinion, it is coefficient how you act, it is important what the person you are and what attitude to people you have. The group is a very strong reunion and the task of every member is to show a better example to others and prevent bad results. Every group starts of the person and it is in our strengths to make group significant for others and to be not so selfish.

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