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Effects of Experimental Task Demands on Joint Attention and Verbal Behavior Observed during Parent-Child Interactions

Parent-ChildTreatment outcome studies have shown direct observation measures of parent-child interaction can be particularly sensitive to changes in both parent and child behavior following intervention; however, relatively little is known about the effects specific tasks used during the observation have on the sensitivity of detecting behavior change over time. Continue reading

Telehealth Delivery of Parent-implemented Verbal Behavior Intervention for Children with Autism

autizmThe purpose of this study was to evaluate a telehealth delivery model of a parent-implemented intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior (ABA/VB). As the demand for effective intervention increases with the rise in ASD, innovative treatment delivery systems are needed. Continue reading

The Role of Substance Use in Adolescent Girls’ Perpetration of Controlling Behavior with Dating Partners via Social Networking

tabletApproximately 20% of teenagers experience some form of dating violence (DV) (Shorey, Fite, Choi, Cohen, Stuart, & Temple, 2015). Advances in technology provide a new outlet for teen DV behaviors to occur though the platform of social networking or information technology (SN/IT). Continue reading

Moral and psychological aspects of children’s and adult insults

neporozuminnyaThe emotional sphere is a phenomenon that consists of emotional conditional and feeling, that will become a character trait. An important thing is insult. It arose when we was children.

The scientists who engaged in problem the emergence of experiences and overcoming insults are O.A. Apunevych, S.A. Aheyeva, Anuashvyly A.N., M.S.Gritsenko, V. Hranskaya, M.A. Nabatov. Continue reading