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Parent Satisfaction with Two Adjunctive Parent-implemented Interventions for Young Children Diagnosed with Autism

autizmParent-implemented interventions are cost-effective and ecologically valid means of increasing access to evidence-based intervention for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Parental satisfaction is critical for treatment fidelity and the subsequent success of parent-implemented interventions. Continue reading

Psychologist working with inadequate parent families

inadequate parentAbstract. The article considers social and psychological contexts inadequate parental position as conditions deviant teenagers, and also defines the role of the school psychologist to work with such families. Scientists-deviantology (Dulov, Gilinsky, Klayberg, Komlev, Khagurov) always stresses that recruiting a new generation of children with deviant behavior mainly at the expense of families where violated the socialization process (primarily legal and existential). Continue reading