Justice: moral, legal and pedagogical aspects

femidaWe have to live in anxious times. Sometimes we can not even respond to many things at all because of the speed of our life. It seams that everything blends together in a huge road tunnel. The result of this is disbelief in yourself, friends, tomorrow, and even the future of our planet.

Nevertheless, what causes the real disappointment in life? In my opinion, it is iniquity. At some point we can come to decision that our heart is broken. It happened because we feel that someone is very unfair to us, someone has more money or gets more attention than we do. Sometimes we feel bad because someone is judged wrongly and we know that person is not guilty.

We start fighting for justice, often spend a lot of time worrying and struggling, without getting any results. We waste time, stress out, go ahead to demonstrate that everything is unfair, try to think positively.

There are no perfect solutions to problems. No one ever get correct or fair results. Everyone has different life values. In my opinion, the true meaning of justice is where we do not see self-interest, waiting for profit, or feeling a lot of envy.Different motives influence how we behave. However, we can consider true justice in situations when we make someone happy, when we feel that our efforts bring advantages.

We see that our life is again worthless and we choose the life path that we agree to follow. We wait for success, generosity, thankfulness, slower paced life, love, kindness, fortune. However…at some point we meet iniquity again. Then we start our fight one more time, trying to demonstrate our rightness again and again.

These are aspects of life and a never-ending battle. This is a real life. However, how to respond to it when you or people close to you have to prove their rightness. How to be when you do not have any strength left in you, when you try your best to confirm your innocence and honesty.

Nevertheless, facts and circumstances are against you. We meet panic, fear, and disappointment. There is no point in life, it seams that everything is lost.

It is important to stay self-confident and believe that justice will overcome all obstacles. It is vital to stay brave when go up or down. Otherwise, the fortune will leave us and it will be more difficult to get positive results. This is the Universe law, the life law.

What about fairness in the way children and adolescents are deal with? They also want to be treated well and right. You only need to help your child accept himself as unique personality and you will get love, understanding, admiration, and appreciation as a respond.

Try to be fair evaluating his efforts, raise his self confidence, help him understand that he is very special. It will give him desire to live, fill his mind with positive thoughts, he will overcome negative personality traits, and positive thinking will come to his life. As well as perfect seeds can give juicy and delicious fruit, so fair and great relationships can lead to happy and healthy life.

We can look at justice from different point of view. However, it is extremely important to everyone to know exactly how to practice justice in all its forms. As soon as you create your own successful plan, you decide how to make it true, what to do to have a great and healthy life, without making anyone suffer. Sometimes to achieve results we can encounter a lot of obstacles, difficulties, problems, and thankless. We can consider all of these like unfairness. In fact, it is the Universe Law of Giving and Receiving when we get what we send, good or bad.

We always face things we do not like. However, our life is a constant battle for justice, success, good treatment. We refuse to fail, lose, be embarrassed and ashamed.

It is not enough to wish to be loved and treated fairly. You also have to do something nice for somebody, demonstrate empathy for people, help others. We can not be persuaded to do something, because we do what we really want. However, when we do something good, we get appreciation. What can be better then kindness, success, happiness? This is a sense of life, fair reward that bring benefits.

We always can find out what we want to gain in life. We always have strengths to implement all eternal kindness along with our dedication, enthusiasm, joyfulness and faith. Then life will blessing ways you never thought possible and it will be fair.

To conclude what was said above, my opinion is that there is no precise definition of fairness. However, I can claim with confidence that fairness is defined in thought, actions to other people. It is important in every situation to stick to own opinion but, at the same time, to listen carefully to others’ suggestions. The concept of fairness highlights no evil in the attitude to other people because everything balances out in the end.

This is explained as following: evil deeds, jealousy – always come back to you, but in the most unexpected moment. It can not only deject you, but even break you in the worst case scenario. Furthermore, a person can atone the sins when understands that he/she made a mistake. That is why, let us all be fair to each other and the fortune will smile upon us!

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