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Ethics in Philosophy of Politics: Why Rawls’ Theory of Justice Is Not Universal?

John-Rawls-1John Rawls is one of the most important western political philosophers of the 20th century whose book “Theory of Justice” is one of the most cited contemporary books in this discipline. In this work, Rawls develops the enlightened idea of the social contract modifying it to the idea of the “original position”, in which any rational individual will choose certain principles of justice.

First of all, it should be noted that the idea of writing such a work is based on the author’s Continue reading

Justice and the Urban Revolution in Neo Marxist Theory (A. Lefebvre)

moral-peopleDue to rapid urbanization the relevance of the study of urban processes and social problems in the urban context has serious grounds.

Most socio-cultural and civilizational innovations arose in the cities. At the same time cities have been and remain the main platforms for the deployment of different kinds of social conflicts. Continue reading

Justice: moral, legal and pedagogical aspects

femidaWe have to live in anxious times. Sometimes we can not even respond to many things at all because of the speed of our life. It seams that everything blends together in a huge road tunnel. The result of this is disbelief in yourself, friends, tomorrow, and even the future of our planet.

Nevertheless, what causes the real disappointment in life? In my opinion, it is iniquity. At some point we can come to decision that our heart is broken. It happened because we feel that someone is very unfair to us, someone has more money or gets more attention than we do. Sometimes we feel bad because someone is Continue reading

Justice as a general ethical notion and principal

femidaJustice is disclosed as interdependence of deed and reckoning. The notion reveals the conformity of rights and obligations, work and remuneration, crime and punishment. Justice is deemed as a general and equal distribution of values that should ensure proper order in any society, assertion of right for each individual.

As ethical notion the justice is linked primarily to the morality of social relations. It acts as with the role of certain social groups and individuals, as well as talking about their social status in the society. For the better consideration and better penetration of this concept we’d better go deep into history. From the ancient time Continue reading