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Legislative fastening of features appointments of punishment in the form of imprisonment to women

sufferRepublic of Uzbekistan for years of independence confidently solves put before itself «the construction purpose in the country of the free and independent, democratic state and an open civil society, cardinal and deep reforming of economy, realization of the strong social policy directed on protection of interests of the people».

Thus, position of the woman in a society is one of the major indicators characterizing a society, level of its social, cultural, economic and political development. In turn the criminal policy spent by the state concerning the citizens, also reflects degree of its perfection, and Continue reading

Justice: moral, legal and pedagogical aspects

femidaWe have to live in anxious times. Sometimes we can not even respond to many things at all because of the speed of our life. It seams that everything blends together in a huge road tunnel. The result of this is disbelief in yourself, friends, tomorrow, and even the future of our planet.

Nevertheless, what causes the real disappointment in life? In my opinion, it is iniquity. At some point we can come to decision that our heart is broken. It happened because we feel that someone is very unfair to us, someone has more money or gets more attention than we do. Sometimes we feel bad because someone is Continue reading