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Social and moral Evil in the world

zlooLet’s start with an understanding of the concept of “Evil” in general.

Evil – is the diametrical opposite meaning to Good. They believe that there are three main types of Evil in the world.

The first type is a natural Evil. All those natural forces that destroy human well-being, and sometimes-even life. The human will and consciousness have no influence on such evil. Various natural processes occur, despite the human will or actions. Continue reading

The role of “evil experience” in person self-determination

good_evilTo determine the evil in moral self-determination, you need to research (analyse) your moral self-determination (what influences at it), and also you must understand what is good and what is evil (bad) and their role (part) in person’s life.

So, morals consist of rules which regulate people’s behavior. Moral self-determination it is a process which doesn’t have any period of time, but it helps to find a way in life, it’s a Continue reading