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Ethics of responsibility in the case of using drons and combat robots

dronsModern achievements of technological progress (unmanned aerial vehicle, robots, etc.) and their involvement in warfare emphasize the need to revise the ethics of responsibility and the formation of a new concept for ethical discourse.

Nowadays, technology can make accurate Continue reading

National guilt and national responsibility

vinaEvery person is responsible for something. And every person can be judged for his every act. But not everyone will account for it. Unfortunately, in our times, many people can’t be judged, according to the legislation, because they have a sense of untouchability. It’s a pity, that we could observe such kind of process from ancient times till nowadays.

A vivid example from the literature was Continue reading

Moral typology H. Bergson “The two sources of morality and religion”

BergsonEverybody of us belong yourself and a society equally. In the society we are in a continuous contact with other personalities, where appears mutual dependence.

Two morals have selected – the first and the second. The first moral is social, and the second – human.

There is such concept as responsibility. It know how relationship between us and the society, though, above all things, this relationship with oneself. Therefore, a social moral was accused in neglect of individual responsibility. But habit is suffice, and we often can only follow the normal flow of things, to give the society what Continue reading