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Traumas, and Traumas! The Stories of College Women

As many as 85% of individuals report experiencing trauma at some point in their lifetime (Frazier et al., 2009; Smyth et al., 2008). Trauma exposure, specifically in the college population, is related to many negative consequences, such as substance use, emotional and academic issues, and dropping out of college (Banyard & Cantor, 2004; Duncan, 2000; MacFarlane et al., 2009).

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Understanding the Role of Pre-Game Drinking Motives with Sexual Assault for American and Spanish Women

SEXUAL-ASSAULT1Pre-gaming is a common drinking experience for many college students and occurs cross-culturally, with specific attention on Spain and the United States (Begona, et. al., 2012). Pre-gaming is defined as consuming alcohol before attending a social function (e.g. a party, going to the bar) (DeJong, DeRicco, & Schneider, 2010) and can be used as an event in which to binge drink. Continue reading

A Paradox of Women’s Lives in Matrilineal Society and Muslim Patriarchy in Indonesia

IndonesiaThis paper examines changes of Minangkabau women’s lives in West Sumatra, Indonesia from the early twentieth century to the twenty first century. Minangkabau is an ethnic group in West Sumatra Province with matrilineal tradition. This matrilineal is a system in the maternal Continue reading

Postcolonial Anxieties in Singapore

singapurLiterary theorists discuss the pervasive dichotomy of the Self/Other, apparent across various epistemological categories such as gender, race, class and religion. Among other things, they discuss this as a projection of the Self’s fears and desires onto the Other as a means of concretising and thereby mitigating these anxieties. The Self thus constructs its identity based on perceived differences with its Other. Continue reading