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Developing students’ communicative competence in university

studentThe development of communication abilities and foundation of speaking skills are considered in this article. As a source of information used by educational and scientific text on a specialty, which is determined on the basis of the formation of language skills and the development of communication skills.

The main goal of the subject «Russian language» is to form a communicative competence of the future specialists, that is to form skills to solve real communicative tasks Continue reading

The use of trainings in formation of communicative competence of students of law faculty

osvitaThe article is devoted to the problem of formation of communicative activity (competence), relevant for every modern person and society as a whole. The vocational training of university students should take into account the requirements of the labor market for the communicative skills and skills of a specialist and widely introduce the most productive methods of practical mastering and development of communicative competence in the educational process. Continue reading