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The Significance of the Professional Competences of the Phd Program in Religious Studies

studentsAny educational program should be oriented primarily on internal changes and the requirements of society.

That is why modern Ukrainian education should teach, first of all, the ability to “survive” in modern conditions and adapt 122 to constant social challenges. The implementation of a competent approach to education can help to do this. Continue reading

Microtonality, Tonality, Harmony: Problem of Experiencing, Studying & Preserving Ancient, Non Western World Music

musicMicrotonality is rather a complex concept to define, due of the broadness of the term itself.

However, if we try to define it in general terms, then by the word ‘microtonality’ we can mean a notion of a musical system (or part thereof), the minimum and maximum of which go beyond the limits of the established Continue reading

An Old and New Approaches of the Meaning of ‘The Politics of Identity’ and Its Place in the Political Discourse

PoliticalThe Politics of Identity is a new and modern phenomenon but with old roots. Many western scientists as Stanley Aronowitz, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Bronwyn Carlson, etc. have been trying to learn and explain this product of civil society.

Today, in the 21th century, an interest to a such difficult topic has greatly increased due to civil wars, terrorism and immigrations. Continue reading

Reintegration Into One Cultural Space After The Division Of The Country. Vietnam’s Experience

National Identity in UkraineUkraine has faced an important issue of restoring territorial integrity. In case of a positive resolution of issues in foreign and domestic political spheres a humanitarian issue will also arise- the rapprochement and integration into one cultural space of various Ukrainian territories, including Donbas and Crimea.

Our country, after gaining independence, Continue reading

Success Story of Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld

“Everyone knows him,” so he says it is, and you know he’s right. Fashion “Kaiser”, so called of artist, can not know him. This is not only because of his wonderful creations (clothes) never betray cognitive style designer. Lagerfeld – a man, myth, legend and Empire simultaneously.

Karl Lagerfeld knew his calling as a child born to a wealthy family in Germany. His father earned a large fortune in supplying canned milk in Europe. So the son was able to study anywhere. And he decided to start his first steps into the world of the beauty of Paris. At 12 he went to school at the Syndicate of High Fashion. Continue reading

Aesthetic Potential Of The Cinema

CinemaIn our modern times, cinema has become an integral part of our leisure. The number of genres (western, detective, drama, military film, exotics, erotic film, historical, comedy, love story, melodrama, musical, parody, romantic, horror, thriller, art, family and many others …)

Every movie fanatic can find something to his taste and color. More and more films and serials are being shot, most of which simply Continue reading

Aristotle’s Comparative Logic: a Textual Note

aristotle_1This paper deals with Aristotle, Topics, 119 a20-22. This passage contains a logical f law in all the available translations in modern languages (Tricot, Zadro, Colli, Barnes, Pickard-Cambridge, Wager/Rapp, Rolfes).

This notwithstanding, I claim that the Greek makes sense, and that Aristotle’s comparative logic is consistent. I defend this claim by looking at Aristotle’s use of negation. Continue reading

The Problem of Guilt and Responsibility in Postwar Germany

BerlinToday in the culture of modern society, on the one hand, the negative attitude to totalitarianism is declared, on the other hand, there is real danger of its restoration.

Some countries have endured the totalitarian period in their history, so the question of need of overcoming such a past as well as question of steady attitude towards this past are evident. Continue reading

«Digital Revolution»: Ethical Challenges and Possible Risks

Digital-RevolutionIn recent years, social changes have become the basis for the emergence of the concept of “digital revolution”. This is a fairly broad concept that covers possible social, economic and political changes based on advances in information and computer technologies.

It should be noted that both in the mass consciousness and among researchers there is no identical, even terminological, understanding of what exactly should be attributed to the most important Continue reading

Metaphysics and the Crisis of Science

martin-heidegger11Almost 80 years ago, Edmund Husserl complained about a deep crisis that modern science undergoes, in spite of all its recent achievements.

Almost at the same time, Martin Heidegger claimed that the project of modern science, unlike that of ancient philosophy, is to gain complete technical control over nature rather than theoretical knowledge about it, and that a deep cleft between science and original philosophy has thus opened up. Continue reading